SHMUP - Ghost of Selenis // Video

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  • Hi Quality video here:

    It's shmup where you're an outlaw mecha blowing up police, that can transform into a jet. The video shows multiple types of weapons that I scroll through (no indication on changes yet), bullet time, and briefly a transformation into a different more maneuverable craft, a jet.

    I had been meaning to put this on the boards. Basically its a little shoot 'em up I'm using in my gamedev/design portfolio. It's fun, it's basic. I made all the assets, the giant city illustration in the background, the music, the explosion animations, the shitty designs for the cars and player graphics, lol. It's decently fun. There's a lot of little details that probably won't get noticed like blinking lights on things, etc. etc.

    The graphics will be overhauled if I do carry this on later. If anything the enemies and the player graphic need major overhauls. Still buggy as hell, and my attempt to make a mecha move fluidly looks pretty terrible, I know, but I think it works...

    Anyway, was a fun little diversion for me that I always wanted to post.

  • that looks pretty cool! when watching it in lq first, i though the police cars were 3d, too! the style is a lot more consistent than most other hi-res indigames; there is only a slight aftertaste of too many smooth gradients ...

    i can't stop thinking of this as a mix between Einh�nder & Max Paine... Einpainer? Maxh�nder? Mainpainer? Einmaxer? ;)

  • Thanks. lol. Yeah, there is a heavy Einhander influence... for someone to notice is almost like a compliment since I loved that game so much.

    I could add a lot more aesthetic touches by adding a HUD, adding some effects when in bullet time, and just giving more indication that a new weapon is acquired. It's kind of just a test build as is though.

  • I like your use of timescaling. Looks promising.

  • Looking nice so far!

  • Looks great Are those 3D boxes in the background?

  • Thanks guys for the kind words.

    lol, and yes, there is a very liberal use of 3D boxes for buildings. haha.

  • Wow.. cool effeccts, and nice use of 3d box.

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  • Hey thanks. I'm working on getting a parallaxed ground with the boxes on top. A little tricky getting the perspective to work, but it's going well. I'm going to have the main plane of action shift down onto a street level.

  • Looks very promising. Hope we get epic bosses.

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