30 Seconds Remaining

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    <img src="http://img43.imageshack.us/img43/6126/szhxndxksmmwsa.png">

    DOWNLOAD Thanks Hempuli for hosting!

    You are a tiny pixellated man (what were you expecting?) who must avoid

    various obstacles in order to reach the exit within 30 seconds.

    Anyone who's played In 60 Seconds by William Broom will immediately see what I ripped off where I got the inspiration.

    Just a short and simple game, created by my drive to stop messing around in Construct and just bloody make something. Hopefully you'll enjoy it

    No shaders required, if you have them then some things will look slightly fancier.

    Some testing and web hosting by Hempuli

    More testing by jsticker

    All other credits in the readme.

    Controls: Arrows, Z.

    There are three 'cheats', each activated by holding down two different letter keys at the same time. They were made for testing, and I decided not to remove them. (There are really only two cheats, as one only reverses the effects of another)


  • It reminds me a lot of my compo game space cowboyz. Pretty good little game, but the player 'runs' even when stopped, which is an eyesore. I expect a bit more polish from little games like this since they are so very simple to put together. It needs an extra layer of something to bump up the gameplay/feel. Not saying it's bad, just telling you what a fellow designer thinks.

  • Thanks for the feedback! I'll take your thoughts into account for the sequel (yes, there will be a sequel ).

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  • The game is cool, but I was so close(I mean a couple of pixels) to the jet-like thing, when I died! I'm a total loser. Too bad I can't see how the guy reaches the ground after he falls.

    This type of games may be simple and less than one MB, but that doesn't make them easy and boring!

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