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  • Hello my name is Marco,

    I am from germany and i work for a small gamecompany in munich i am a gamedesigner, besides my job i want to start making games by my own.

    So i am looking for an programmer who think he can handle this:

    the game:

    Story short facts:

    1 person lost in the middle of nowhere trying to come back to the civilisation

    Gameplay short facts:

    its a plattformer like the first tombraider or flashback in 2D, including a push and pull, swimming and so on

    Programming short facts:

    besides he plattformer the most difficult thing to programm will be a fluid and particle based system, with water, magma, gas, movable obstacles and the reaction between those features

    Hope there is a skilled programmer getting interessted in this project and btw please dont troll this thread

    I am a studied graficdesigner so i do the grafics and animation but if there are skilled graficdesginersor or sound designers you are welcome too

    Greetings Marco

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  • This doesn't go in "Your Creations", first off; It goes in "Help and Support for Construct Classic" I believe. :)

    And I would help, but I am busy with my own projects. Good luck with your own project though! :D

  • i am sorry if this is the wrong place but there is no category like gameprojects and thaks anyway hope there is somebody else

  • I Would Like to help you!

    you can E-mail me at:


    We Can start chatting on The Scirra Instant site chat!

    Then there we can go and discus where to further

    PM me or just E-mail! When you are ready

    BTW- I am a Skilled programmer, And I am not good with the Graphics designing.

    So I going to need you or someone that can help me with the Artistic parts

  • Really Nice,

    I will send you an E mail as soon as possible,

    dont worry about the grafics, like i said i am a bachelor of arts in visual communication

    greetings Marco

  • Nice, If you E-Mail me, E-Mail on, Do not E-Mail on Because I have just note-est that the Telkom SA Server is Doing maintenance

    BTW-My name is Nico and i live in South-Africa, Hope to see you real fast again

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