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  • while trying to rip off space harrier, i finally found the guts to bite through the trigonometry required to build a simple faux-3d 'sprite scaling' engine:

    <img src="">

    all behaves well except for tilting the camera. i know it is a hassle to look at other peoples code, but maybe some of you math genius' spot my error straight away ... i would greatly appreciate it! (the code is rather clean to read, too ... :))

    scaler engine v01.cap

    and if anybody wants to use it, there's a friendly license on it that lets you do that, too. yay for sharing! <img src="">

  • did you seriously get a CC license for this

    i mean cmon man, no ones gonna take credit of this. were not like that here and i could of done this on alot of my stuff but thats not how we roll around here.

    its very cool btw. try putting this inside of davids skybox demo, now that would look awesome.

    also you shouldnt let the view be rotated up and down, only horizontally, since your sprites are representing a side view, and if you were looking top down you would only see a circle

    (make the ball a seperate sprite maybe? that would make more sense)

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  • Yeah cc and os gpl don't really mix that well, but... oh well.

    If you really want to license it, you might try to make a plugin out of it.

    Actually I'm not even sure you can license it at its current stage.

    Its a cool concept, one thing I notice is some of the panning seems to be a little exaggerated from the side, one balloon will zoom in real quick while another will stay the same size.

    Any way good luck with it.

  • thanks for your feedback!

    i know that the ability to tilt the camera can ruin the illusion; but apart from that, i would really like to know how it is done properly (since my math is wrong in that regard).

    thats not how we roll around here.

    of course i know that the friendly people of this forum are not going to 'steal' this (aside from the fact that it's nothing special, too). mind you, the cc license is actually an explicit statement that the work can (and should) be shared. if i had not published it under a license, copyright law would have implied that 'all rights are reserved', which would (imho) not be in line with the creative spirit around here.

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