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  • You forgot to delete this post dude.

  • Yeah very funny hahahahaha very funny indeed.I won't be silenced anymore , so go away Cookiemonster!!.

  • Yeah very funny hahahahaha very funny indeed.I won't be silenced anymore , so go away Cookiemonster!!.

    You're the one doing the silencing.. or did you get hacked?

  • Stop it now Cookie monster please.

  • <img src="">

    The improved version scalectrix.And please no more offtopic discussions.

  • you know what i like about this game?

  • you know what i like about this game?

    Yes absolutely nothing right?.I know it sux but at least im trying something new.

  • Would everyone please refrain from the useless provocation? This whole situation is starting to get out of control.

    This will be the only warning. If this thread gets derailed any further, I'm gonna have to lock it.

  • You beat me to it.

    Play nice children.

    Now... I like the idea. Reminds me a lot (in general) of PixelJunk Racers. If you have a PS3 you should check out the demo at least... it's a lot of fun. I was half considering doing a "remake" of it for PC since it's a PS3 only game. You may beat me to it.


  • Thank you for the compliment soldhjaboy.You are a true gentleman.Yes i have played the demo on PS3 and it rocks!!.

  • No problem.

    I just bought the full version a couple of days ago, it's worth the $10 or whatever it was.

    I think it would be a fairly easy game to recreate as well... perhaps not quite as detailed in terms of all the crazy game modes and tracks etc, but something relatively complicated with a half dozen game modes and say 5 tracks should do the trick.

    So tempting while waiting for a multiplayer plugin, or Construct 2.


  • I wish Construct 2 was out already lol.I wanted to buy the ps3 developers kit,But at $70000.00 that's a bit steep.Im also trying my hand at UDK at the moment ,It's a joy to work with once you get used to all the stuff.But what i really need now is my own website where i can actually show what im working on.I have UDK,Panda3D,Torgue and Construct projects going on but have nowhere to show it at the moment.

  • Well, on the topic of the thread... how did you make the cars follow the slot on the track if you don't mind me asking. The only way I can think of doing it is using invisible nodes or checkpoints to adjust the angle of the car...

    Trying to think logically how the multi-lane changing would work if I were to remake PixelJunk Racers for example.

    Path movement would be handy, but even then I could see issues with lane changes and stuff.


  • Try Rojohounds path movement plugin.I used a node system plugin that i created.Still a bit buggy though.I will post the plugin once it works like it's suppposed to.

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