Save New Year [2014] (Platformer / Shooter)

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  • Hi,

    This is Save New Year (SNY for short). Of all games I made to this moment this is the only one I'm really proud of.


    It has simple, but good mechanic for platformer / shooter genre, fine art style, music & is nice with level-design.

    So game got only 10 levels, but none of them is repetitive. Each level you get something new. New obstacle or feature or boss.

    And in my opinion that's very good approach for a game especially if it's short.

    It has many game elements for you to discover.

    Music was composed by (not registered member here)


    Some history:

    Basic half of the game and first 5 levels were made in 2013 after New Year, but as I wanted game to be released on New Year I decided to postpone development to 2014.

    I returned to the game 1 month before 2014 and with unknown before dedication I made it as it is now. It was released day before 2014.

    Then minor updates were made before 2015 / 2016



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    in case if you just wanna see the game played.

    Actually there's also other people who made videos of my game. I think there's a dozen can be found and those made me feel like it was so very worth it.

    If you make one of your own - notify me by dropping a link to your video here. I'll be sure to check.

    Thank you for your attention

  • Congrats! You use Contruct since its tenderest faraway prehistory dear XpMonster!

    A lot of Santa "what the fun" by here. What about those lovely penguins ESRB rating?

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  • Sebastien I dunno rly

  • Too late!

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