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  • Santa Smile

    The walkthrough video on Youtube:


    SantaSmile (v1.4) 12mb "zip"


    Space: Jump

    Up/Down Arrows: Moving on the left/right sides of the road (to go around obstacles)

    Left Arrow: Deceleration

    Right Arrow: Acceleration


    You should collect gifts and go around obstacles.

  • Thats just too cute.

    Kinda reminds me of the Nintendo Diddy, and Donkey Kong platformers.

    Excellent work, as usual.

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  • Well done indeed!

  • A late Christmas present Great job!

  • In fact, I think this is the most feature complete and polished Construct project... I think it would make a fine showcase.

    What do you think?

  • 10+

  • I love this, It's the SNES donkey kong mine cart sections all over again! Those were some of my favorite parts in the game as a kid. Great job indeed.

  • Sweet game!

    I totally suck at it, though . David is right, your video makes it look like a piece of cake.

  • Nice game :*

  • Yeah this game is awesome. Probably the best production quality I've seen yet here. I suck at the game too. I don't know how long the game lasts, but I die within the first minute every time!

  • Gotta say, that's a really nicely done game. Love the control system and animations. Good job!

  • My best score so far is 97,000... I keep dying at that part where theres like a few jumps and you have to slow down to land on them...its like just after the part with the secret bonus

    *Edit* Woot 108,000 ... but still haven't got to the end of the level...finally got past those incredibly mean pillars...the trick was to make sure on the first one you land to the far left and then you can make it across....but then i got fooled by the road pitt things >.< ... on... Construct....

    But na, very nice and professional looking game, and the difficulty gives it a lot of replayability

  • Thank you very much guys! <img src="">

    I'm very glad that you liked my game!

  • Wow!!!

    It's..... wow!!!!!!

    beautiful AND fun. Yeah, I'd say frontpage it

    truly the most polished game done (finished!) with Construct so far.

    Edit: game is evil. Damn those pillars!

    Edit2: Finished it. Loved it. The scenery "feigns" were a touch of genius. I lucked out there (or maybe I'm just awesome). Loved the ending too.

    4 things, neither of them really important:

    -Ending could have used a simple and calmed tune and... some rolling credits!

    -At the intro screen you can press jump and ornaments and snowman head will jump! FIRST CONSTRUCT EASTER EGG CONFIRMED??? (you can also jump after you've run out of lives)

    -A bit of width wobble to the tree when it hits the snow in the intro would be just perfect.

    -The ATV seems to be 3D rendered. Motion-blurring the wheels would make it look awesome, also wheels could be spinning while in midair and instead of silence, have brief engine roar and *then* silence.

    And now for a question! how did you handle collisions? they work perfectly!

  • And now for a question! how did you handle collisions? they work perfectly!

    If you mean collisions with boxes, when the bike collides with the snowy block, block is being destroyed and spawns particle object with one particle. This particle has block texture and gravitation (this is why it's falling so).

    I tried to use motion blur but background is very blurring because of the speed and it looks bad.

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