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  • Hi all. It's my game.

    <img src="">

    Work in progress.

    I need lvl designer. Anyone?

  • Nice concept, at first I didn't like that you have to hold RM button (almost)all the time, but than I got used to it. Is the graphics just temporary? Because mechanics are good. Good luck with the game.

    ps:you should turn off the mouse cursor.

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  • Fun little game, quite addictive really. Took me 10+ tries to complete it, my only issue was when you reach the area with many asteroids you can avoid most of them by sitting at the right/left of the screen, your not completly safe there however it made that section of the level very easy.

    Also I'd also consider reducing the amount you slow down by. I completed the level almost entirly without having the need to slow down. So maybe it dosen't need to reduce it that much? Or possibly add a bar that recharges, so you can only use 5 second bursts of the reduced speed or something.

    Just thought I'd give you my feedback, great game though. It was a challenge.

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