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  • <font size="2">Hello all.

    I'm starting this topic to show progress on a big project I've been working on for quite a while now. Hopefully a few people might take an interest and if so, that'd be great.

    If anyone wants to know how I've handled particular aspects or features I'm also happy to share my techniques.

    What is it?

    Rustworld is a side-scrolling shooter/platformer with heavy emphasis on survival, set in a persistent post-apocalyptic world.

    Where it's at..

    Currently it has the core mechanics down in a basic form, such as aiming, shooting, switching weapons, picking up items, walking, sprinting, jumping, moving between areas and a day/night cycle.

    Where it's going to be..

    The emphasis is very much on the persistent world. If you use up all the spirits from a bar to fuel for flamethrower then you'll have to find something else to fuel it. If you destroy a building in a particularly brutal firefight, it will be leveled for good.

    Alongside this the world has to be interesting and have some random elements. I always wanted there to be a lot of scope for people to share crazy moments and experiences they had in the game. I wanted it to be different for everyone. As such, there's a day/night cycle and a weather system which affects certain gameplay elements - including a few surprises which occur under certain circumstances!

    Here's a short video showing a very early test

    ..and an early screenshot

    <img src="" border="0">


    Wandering across the lonely landscape you're chased by machines until you stumble upon an old shed. Within, there's a mysterious blueprint. Exploring the nearby area will grant you access to some of the parts needed to complete the blueprint. Some will just be collected from buildings as you wander, others may already be part of some deadly machines. These machines will try and kill you. Some are rusty at first and prone to glitches, but eventually they will upgrade themselves beyond their original means.


    If anyone wants info on how to achieve any of these features I'll be more than happy to help, either via private messages or in this thread.

    • Basic specular highlight effect. Not perfect but it adds a bit of depth.
    • Levels loaded from files rather than predetermined layouts. This gives the opportunity for downloadable content as far as levels.
    • Login to Corvidae site for achievement and stat tracking.

    (happy to share info on this one but I'm not prepared to let people try it until I've validated user input to avoid malicious attacks on databases)

    • Upgradable/buildable weapons.
    • Dynamic weather.
    • Day/night cycle.

    If anyone's interested then I'll try and keep this topic updated regularly :)


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  • It sounds interesting, but the video isn't working for me. I keep getting one of those youtube sad faces on the screen.

    Edit: Well your edit explained why that happened. <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Guess I'll wait until later.

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