RUN, a game made in 3 days

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  • 2nd game I'm posting here at the forums. Criticism, bug reports etc... are very welcome.

    I won't say much about the game, there are no surprises, but the game relies on the player discovering a few things out on the first playthroughs. After playing you can read more about it here: RUN.

    Direct download link - RUN


    Arrow keys.

  • Looks very interesting, but i can't really figure out how it works. How are the cops moving? What is your goal?

  • Alright, so I tried it out because it looks weird, and weird is cool!

    First off, the sounds are great. I really thought that something was going on outside! LMAO. I kept looking out the window


    I read the story behind the game's inspiration, and really like it. RUN, as I understand, is less a game and more of a statement. It's art in game form lolol.

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  • Interesting Game. Fits the story well. Only complaint is that I couldn't figure out a way to end the game. Ended up killing the process in task manager. I'm probably missing some obvious exit button.

  • Thanks for the feedback guys. It was choice to give players very little to go on so they could make their own associations; i.e.: Attan saw the "enemy's" as cops, other people see them differently. There is a point to the game, just not a winning conclusion. You can never win. So in a sense it truly is more of statement than a game. But there are gameplay elements to it. And gameplay influences (pac-man being the most notable).

    To exit the game, alt-f4. I took out the ESC key as exiting method and forgot to put it back. Thanks for the heads up scidave.

  • Nice sounds!

    And I discovered something after the third playthrough: the runtime crashed. This happens consistently, you should report it as a bug in Construct.

    Also: as I was playing, a police vehicle went by my house with the siren on. I was unsure until it hit the speedbump outside my place.

    So. Awesome.

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