Rouge 0.8b

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    Currently beta v0.8. (842kb zipped)

    Download it so far here:

    <img src="">

    This was an attempt to see what Construct could do.

    So what it is is a straightforward and generally unfair roguelike, essentially a 5 minute game.

    It is customizable just to experiment with what Construct would allow me to do. All images and sounds can be replaced, there is no palette limit, just size. Instructions for doing so are enclosed.


    Put sounds in (most are there, but not in the game)

    Possibly clean up the main menu

    Add any more customization options that I can think of

    Add more level layouts (maybe, it's a tricky process)

    And... stuff

    So I'm looking for feedback, ideas, bugfixes, possible suggestions as to what to add or how it can be improved.

    By the way... there is an issue with the GridMovement that I am trying to work around, that lets you wander infinitely without events happening. This is unintended. Just take it one step at a time, please. I am working on a fix soon.


  • Purdy cool! I like the ability to choose between hero and monster, and the lighting effect you used, while basic, sets a good atmosphere. Graphics are nice, totally reminiscent of classic RPGs. Hopefully what I said in Tech Support will help you fix the constant grid movement bug. [EDIT: It didn't. Fail. DX] Keep going, this is looking good!

  • Thanks for the input!

    I'm still working on that, as I said in the other thread, but my next big thing is to add sounds.

    SFXR is soooo useful it's not funny.

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  • I remember this from the early stages, didn't you go by another name in chat?

  • ...possibly? I've been at it for a fair while because it's been a low-priority side project for me.

    I wandered in a few times to ask for help on specific issues, so more than likely.

    Also my name has changed a lot lately, now that I actually have a site now.

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