Retron 2011 Stage 0-1 Demo(UPDATED)

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  • A little demo i made with Construct.It's still in it's dev stage at the moment.

    <img src="">

  • Trojans left : 32? Sounds like a night out to me

    Downloaded and will check when not so pissed. Looks like Geometry Wars which isn't a bad thing... and probably why I've decided to check it out

  • Lol yeah.It's still in development ,Im busy with stage 2 at the moment.I have included upgrades and missiles so far.

  • I think, it'd be better if zoomed out bit more. Clickteam's installer for Construct game, nice.

  • Yes im working on that at the moment.Yes Clickteam's installer is actually freeware and downloadable on thier website.It's fast , easy to use and most of all it's free.Im thinking of using the advanced camera plugin so that i can zoom in and out.

  • Why have installer at all for demo? I hate installing small games so won't be testing this out cuz of that :/

  • Why have installer at all for demo? I hate installing small games so won't be testing this out cuz of that :/

    Awwww and i so much wanted your opinion sagal.

  • I'm glad about that because we both know you really should

  • I'm glad about that because we both know you really should

    Troublemaker here in need of some discipline.See my avatar on the left Sagal. Your trying to create a flame war again stop it man.

  • Just pointing out facts but please continue I stop here this time

  • Im almost finished with stage 5.No crashes or bugs yet.I have also fixed the scaling problem.The camera view is much more forgiving now.Im going to try and create 20 levels for this game and see if Construct can handle this.My Wolfen game failed miserably with Construct. Too many crashes,bugs etc....So al my small casual games will be made with CS.

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  • Stage 10 completed and still stable.Added 3 bosses and some missile upgrades.The stages are getting more complex with more laser whip's and and electrical saws.It looks as if this game won't give me any hassles.Less effects' etc means more stages.

  • Here's the 1st update,It's not the full game (only 2 workable stages and the third stage which was wip).The full retron game is huge , 150 megs in size so i will post that later "capped internet ".

    I made various caps as i progressed from stage to stage.So i will release more and reveal more of the game soon.It's not easy working as a one man show lol.

  • The movement needs a butload of configuration. It feels extremely slow and doesn't really do what you want it to, wich creates frustration. That, combined with the low speed of the bullets makes the whole game feel really slow. Not necessarily a bad thing, but judging on your choice of music it's not your intention.

    The splash screen in the start looks good, but you should change the lines so that its not as easily recognizable from the Construct-does-art-example. Just a different pattern would be enough, just for some originality.

    I really like the explosion when you kill the "Trojans"!

  • Attan Yes i know the movement needs some serious work and the bullets moves slowly ,But this was still wip stages.I have shifted the project over to XNA .I love to code and i can do a lot more with coding.

    In the XNA version i have multiple bullets aka bullet hell ,Better upgrades ,Fully rendered cut scenes and best of all i can change from 2d to a 3d camera view very easily.I wanted the ship to rotate 180 degrees when i pressed the A button but i just cannot figure out how to do this in Construct.

    I will still continue with the Construct version at a later date. yeah just wanted to see what it would look like with the CS does art intro.I did a better intro on the XNA version which shows your ship on the grid in 3d (almost like Tron) and then the ship collides into the Dravenx logo which then shows the game's title screen.

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