Repulse [Alpha]

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  • Here's a small demo for a game I have been working for quite some time.

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    (open the last one in a new tab to see the full image, it is of the editor)

    (ALPHA 1)

    DOWNLOAD(It contains both the game and the editor)


    (ALPHA 2)



    Repulse is an arcade game where you control a little rocket using mouse by 'blowing' it, maneuvering it through various obstacles collecting coins and completing the level in the shortest amount of time.


    Left Mouse Button : Press the LMB to blow the rocket in the opposite direction.

    'Z' : Shoot    (Cannot be used if disabled)

    'X' : Brakes   (Cannot be used if disabled)

    Spacebar : Pause

    Right Mouse Button : Unpause

    On the level selection screen, double click any level from the list to play it.

    Tutorial for editor is provided in the download.


    * To be honest, for some reason the game kinda feels broken right now. Seems like it has been forced together rather than something that is whole. So some feedback would be appreciated, maybe suggest some new features like new tiles etc.

    * As you can see, the number of levels is really small, maybe if somebody could help me make a few levels.

    * Suggest a new score mechanism? The current one is pretty dumb, both score and time are 2 separate things, so you can complete a level in really small time with a score of 0 or you can collect all the coins and get a high score but with a really large time.


  • Alpha 2 added.

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  • I love the look of the title screen.

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