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  • When posting creations, you should try and adhere to the following guidelines.

    • Use a good hosting service for the creation. Using free rapidshare services for example results in a limit of 10 download only. Many other services require CAPTCHA or popups and advertisements. To make everyone's life easier, use a service such as DropBox, or, or a hot linkable service.
    • Post detailed information and screenshots wherever applicable. I don't tend to download a creation unless there's either screenshots demonstrating it or other people have commented substantially that it is worth downloading. This seems to be the attitude taken by others as well, so to get more downloads and testing you should post more information. Services such as Imageshack are very quick and easy to use.
    • Post usage and control instructions. Many people will just not download a game or close it if they can't understand how to play it or what the controls are, so this is fundamental.
    • This forum is for your own creations. That includes your own finished projects or development threads on works in progress. Mods and re-skins of tutorials or templates do not need their own thread. If you've creating a mod of an existing tutorial or template, you may post a .cap in Uploads.
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