"Orfeo" to be showcased at Tokyo Game Show!

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  • Hello all,

    just a quick message about "Orfeo", my first, small (and very experimental) game made with Construct: I am very excited to say it has been selected for presentation at the "Sense of Wonder Night" within the upcoming Tokyo Game Show http://expo.nikkeibp.co.jp/tgs/2010/en/sown/!

    The game can be downloaded here: http://www.programandplay.com/games.html

    While it doesn't really show Construct's power and capabilities, as the game is very simple on its surface with no special effects whatsoever, I am really happy I chose Construct as it made very easy for me to implement my (wacky) ideas for prototyping what I had in mind.

    In Orfeo we take the role of the semigod to save our beloved Eurydice. What makes the game "experimental" is that all the action is played by improvising simple melodies and rhythms by plucking Orfeo's own lyre with the mouse pointer. The game analyzes tempo, dynamics and articulation of the music and classifies it in four different basic emotions: Happiness, Sadness, Anger and Fear which have to be performed to pass through the different challenges that we will face in our quest.

    There's a tutorial that explains what is meant by "sad, happy" etc. in this context and how to obtain them (of course things are extremely simplified from a musical perspective...), anyway just remember that plucking the lyre higher will make a louder note (useful if you are angry) while moving over a string with the left mouse button pressed will stop it, which will be useful for making very "staccato" phrases to simulate fear.

    If you play the game let me know your impressions: any feedback is always welcome.



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  • cool!

  • Nice game. It was interesting the different concepts. I couldn't really get into it.. in that I was just doing whatever motion repeatedly to get to the next challenge and i didn't sense any of the emotions. Maybe tie some game play elements into how you stroke the lyre would get the player more involved. Still a cool concept and I had to play till the end so that says something!

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