"Beach Rules" coming to Steam, CC STILL ALIVE

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  • Hi everyone,

    The game is BEACH RULES

    I post the link to Steam Store in case you want to check it out:


    Have a nice Xmas!!!

  • Impressive to see a new CC game on Steam. Nice!

    How are you going to decide what price you are going to ask?

  • I tried to be honest with my own work, I really made an effort designing, and Valve will also has something to say about prices, in fact, they have to approve your desire price.

    In this case it cost 3.99 $US you can check out my work at that link in the store

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  • This is a small game with no budget, it took me 4 months of work, and what I want is to get enough money to invest in making more games with Construct 3, nowadays I´m unemployed (so I know I can set high price for my games) and I find this my personal kickstarter, so winning 400$ or 500$ (that´s no proftiable at all) is all I need. Not so ambicious, just want to buy a couple of licenses...

  • Congratulations!! Your game looks very good.

    Nice to see people still using CC.

  • Congratulations!! Your game looks very good.

    Nice to see people still using CC.

    I really appreciate that. If you want to see a little more, there´s a guy who madea very long video:


  • Wow, that's excellent congratulations!

    Personally, I still havent found another game engine that covers my need like Construct Classic... I guess I need to dig more but I really find the way CC works clear and effective. For instance I've tried Game Maker and I found it really messy.

    I'm about to finish my first mini game & I'd like to share it around for free but I'm wondering few things if I may ask you:

    1/ when I launch it on someone else computer, the antivirus doesn't like it and you need to turn off several notification to let the game starts... is there any way to avoid that because I don't want people to think there is a virus in my game.

    2/ How can you manage to be sure that people have the right DirectX version or to encourage them to install it if needed? Because I don't believe people will take the time to install it just to play my mini game... Or maybe I think too much and most of people have the right version already on their computer...

    Anyway, congratulations again and long live Classic Construct haha

    Take care!

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