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  • Game, I've been making for the past 12 hours. Its hopefully going to be a remake of a game I was making in MMF 2 years ago, before MMF couldn't handel all the stuff. Please tell me what you think.


    The Controls are W,S,A,D and Left Click to Shoot.

    The controls may seem odd at first but they get easier to use.

    Pressing D and then A makes you move left faster, and vice versa. This also applies to W and S.

    I'm aware of issues such as the player can go through walls. I cant work out how to make him bounce off with custom movement without detectors.

  • I think people should start posting in their threads whether or not something uses Pixel Shader. I just wasted time reading and downloading this.

  • deadeye its almost a standard xDDDDD, game is cool and graphic is neat.

    ps. if your graphic card dont support pixel shader USE 3D-ANALYZER!!!!

  • Whilst i'd agree that PS technology on graphics cards has been a standard for a while, it'd still be good to state what a game requires.

    Better yet, add fallback support so the game can run without.

  • wow, never realized how nice pixel shader effects could make everything look until now! the controls aren't odd at all. things i noticed:

    • player can't shoot through platforms, good
    • enemy can shoot through platforms, not fair and not good! =P

    for the passing through walls, check out how i check and correct collisions in the cpm that i posted:


    it's for platform movement, but left and right movement can easily be translated to up and down movement.

  • deadeye its almost a standard xDDDDD

    I know, I know. You don't have to rub it in

    Hopefully soon I'll be getting a new graphics card. Until then does anyone want to post a screenshot of how totally awesome this game is so I know what I'm missing? (Something else people should be doing in their threads, I think.)

  • Click for screenshot (edit by Ashley: linked to prevent page widening)

    i like the soft look

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  • I don't have pixel shader either.. It's standard with pixel shader for a few years, but it's not standard to buy a new graphics card, or new computer very often. At least not for me.

  • Just FYI, you can get either an AGP or PCIE card that supports pixel shader 2.0 for around $30 or less.

  • A lot of onboard graphics chips don't support any pixel shader because they don't need to (think office PCs) - so it is always a good idea to set up your game to have fallbacks and run with no shaders at all - either that, or make it clear you need the shaders.

    Sure you can probably get a PS 2.0 card for $30, but it won't be fast

  • Sure you can probably get a PS 2.0 card for $30, but it won't be fast

    Fast enough to run 90% of what can be created in Construct

    And my onboard laptop video supports PS2.0 From Intel no less, its not even from nvidia, ATi, etc. As well as it being old.

  • AM I right in thinking if I check 'Run without PS' in the application properties that will allow you to run the game?

  • Yes - it will disable all effects that aren't supported though, so your game could look different, and in some circumstances, may make it unplayable. You can use 'Simulate shader' to test it with shaders disabled.

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