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  • Greetings everybody!

    Finally i found time and finished my game PsyFlex. It's actually an old project, i started 3 years ago with construct 0.98 and i think is ready to publish it . For screenshots, trailer and download link visit my personal website

    Enjoy... and tell me your opinion.

  • It looks pretty neat and has some nice graphics going for it. You should definitely update this thread with links, screenshots, and a link to the YouTube trailer. Not everyone is going to be willing to manually see your website.

  • Thank you very much! You have right about the links but i tried and still can't find out how. I upload screenshots in order to view them here but it seems the preview button is not working and my experience about forums is not helping me, i don't remember when was last time i post something.

    Trying to make things right...




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  • Your feedback guys is much appreciated, thank you.

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  • Awesome! some beasts remind me from Hammer Fighter :D

  • Thank you very much! I am wondering if someone have reached the end so far. There is a boss at the end with his own music :) The last stage and the boss are very challenging. I tried to make a complete and solid game and i was hoping for more feedback in order to improve it. I spend countless months of hard work (3 mounts only for the music) to make this game.

    Something i didn't add in the instructions... every time you killing an enemy there is a change to drop the power up item (is a light flare that rotates) when you take this item you will get random 1 of the 8 different power ups i made. Powerful modifications of you weapons for sort period of time, invisibility , infinite atom mines and plasma blast are some of them.

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