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  • I made this game for the Game Jolt "Shocking" compo. Give those fine gents a look and check out my game at ... itive/349/


  • Not a bad game, overall. I think I'd like to see this concept developed further, it seems like it could be a pretty cool play mechanic with a lot of possibilities.

    The design on the characters/background were good too. Very pretty to look at. Not sure I see the "shocking" connection, though.

    One thing that bothered me was the game auto-exiting when I died. Whenever I play a new game the very first thing I do is kill myself to see what it's like, so I jumped in the very first pit... and then had to restart the game, and go through the whole unskippable intro all over again. Not cool!

    I also think the game overall was a bit too short. You barely get to the point where you're used to the game mechanics and then... it's over. And I think the ending would work a little better if there were more time to connect with the character, and some challenges that take more than a passing effort. Both of those things would give the end a little more impact, I think. Just my two cents, though

    Overall, good job, and good luck with the competition

  • Thank you very much for your two cents!

    Yeah, the auto-die was the result of construct choking up every time I tried to tell it to restart the level. I got fed up and decided to take the easy way out.

    Could have definitely been longer. It ended up being way too short since I only had a week to work on it.

    Thanks again!

  • Yeah, the auto-die was the result of construct choking up every time I tried to tell it to restart the level. I got fed up and decided to take the easy way out.

    Huh? You should be able to just tell it to jump to a layout... if that's not working then supply a cap so someone can check it out, or try to reproduce it in a clean cap and submit to the bug tracker.


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    The graphics are so sketchy while so smooth...i just...words cant....awesome

    I agree its kinda annoying how it closes unexpectedly when u die, makes u feel the game has crashed

    I also would love to see this game extended, but at the same time as a short game it works as well....

    I feel the kind of sketchy cave drawings look could have been improved that extra bit if there was a nice big textured tiled background in the background...even if it was just a kind of noise image.

    But perhaps too much polish would lose the essents of the game....the solid background colour does make the ground and stuff stand out a lot...

    You could expand this though...I'd really recommend it...or perhaps collaborate with others

    I noticed there was an eye to the right just before the drop...perhaps that could be used to expand it...I cant say more because it would spoil the game but i'm just can be done

    But yeah I'm pretty sure theres many different directions you can take this game...both in its art and in its gameplay...but anyway, good work

  • Thanks for the kind words, David!

    Yeah, the random dying was a very annoying result of not enough time and Construct crashing on me.

    I might revisit it and try to get rid of that bug, but I have such a short attention span that I probably won't expand upon the full game or anything.

    Thank you!

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