PLINUS - Platformer based on changing neutrons!

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  • Hello...Again.

    I've made many projects in the past and never went through with them, but this time I am going to stick to it. This project I am going to work on is called "PLINUS".

    In this game, you play as a stick figure of sorts in a simple world with simple looks, but as we we know, all worlds have some kind of complexity to them. In this case, its the matter of changing the solid type for everything into the other, and vice versa!


    Solid -> Space

    Space -> Solid

    So, I have an early version of this game that comes with a level editor and an easy way to add custom levels, via an INI file in the levels folder.

    I plan to add the full function of packs, so the levels aren't a huge unorganized mess. :)

    No sounds yet, but maybe later on I will add some.

    Have fun with it, and please, if you have any awesome ideas, tell me ASAP!





    Left/Right Keys - Movement

    Shift           - Jump

    CTRL            - Switch solid state.

    R               - Retry current map.

    F12             - Technical stuff.

    Del             - EDITOR: Remove objects.

    LMB             - EDITOR: Add objects.




    Block - An object that can be used as a medium of travel inside or out!

    PLINUS Block - Will always be non-solid, no matter what.

    DEATH Block - Kills the player.

    EXIT - Goes to the next map on the list.

    Player - Obviously you know what this is. ;)

    EDIT: <-- Screenies

  • Sorry for the bump, but I really would like some feedback. :)

  • <img src="" border="0" />

    stuck here, I have no idea how one could get up to the door.

    as far as criticism. I always go for honest, so don't think I'm trying to be mean. I think for this to work, the levels must be very well designed. the first level I barely need the gameplay mechanic at all, but theres walls everywhere that let me do it. instead of feeling like i was solving a puzzle, i felt like I had no_clip on and i could just cheat for the fun of wandering through the walls.

    also having "press r to retry" pop up, or just restarting me automatically when I fall off the world would be good.

    I don't know too much about level design, but it's really missing that. like in braid, it wasn't just the fact you could rewind time. it was intricate puzzles that needed to be done just right where when you did finish, you were pleased with yourself and the level designer. same for many world of goo levels, and echochrome for ps3.

    right now this game is just twitch type gameplay where I see if I can jump and press the boundary switch fast enough to jump into the ceiling if i fall where I didn't want to. it just feels kinda glitchy

    hope I wasn't too harsh. good that you plan to stick with it though, sorry i can't help on the level design front. don't know how they do it, just know a good one when I play it

  • I'm stuck right there too! I'd suggest you to first make beginner's levels before making the hard ones.

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  • Ugh, I forgot to mention, the levels are mechanic concept levels and not meant to be taken seriously. I made the thread wanting to get more ideas for in-game objects. I had the idea of turrets and gravity direction changing things, but I wanted to see if I could add any better items?

    Any cool ideas? ;)

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