Plankton Pistol

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    My first finished game, made for and partially drawn by my little nephew.

    You fire the hand drawn character from Spongebob across the ocean floor to a target at the end of the level, hitting traps and jellyfish along the way that either slow you down or jolt you even further.

    <img src="">

    Background, cannon, Plankton, seaweed all drawn by my nephew.

    Background music my own original.

    Regretfully some images are rips from actual spongebob games.

  • Nanaka Crash!

    Fun. I highly recommend you have the turret point to the mouse cursor instead of using mouse's absolute height.

    Also you should try having different effects for different sea dwellers, that'd keep it more interesting. And a larger level I kept getting the maximum score after the 3rd try.

    Still fun, cheers

  • Thanks for the critique, though I have NO clue what your first line means.

    I tried that with the mouse at first, but then if the cursor goes behind the cannon, it points either all the way up or all the way down instead of the height the mouse is on.

    This is just the first blush, I plan on adding a few things like power ups (instead of the cheat codes), recreating the images that are rips and adding to the animations. Plus more items to fill in a longer level and an actual scoring system.

    (Odd Tidbit: If you go up and down, instead of more of a straight shot, your distance will be longer because it uses the player's traveled distance instead of the width of the screen.)

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    One of my favorite flash games, for some strange reason.

    (oh and forget the K in the name, it's supposed to be a C)

  • My nephew loved the flash game Kitten Cannon, but I have sucky dialup now and can't let him play it, whole reason I made this game.

    And while I'm typing this, I just got an idea that might let me dynamicly change the layout size and spawn the items..he could go on forever!

    Woohoo, back to work!

  • Reminded me of kitten cannon. Nice little game.

  • I have always dreamed of doing clone of Kitten Cannon

  • Kitten Cannon is nice too but it's missing music and it keeps making me reach for the mouse and then back for the keyboard.

    Also, no specials



    Updates: No more limit on the distance! Save and view your High Scores. The large jellyfish has been replaced with a bomb. Smaller sound files. New background music for both the main game and for the High Score layout.

    Notes: You can still use the cheat codes but if you do, you can't save your score that round.

    (I just thought of this, but when you click Save Score it saves your High Score rather than the score for that round, so you can still save a cheat on the next round.)

    The music is my own creation, if you're looking for some music for one of your own games drop me a line. I work in a lot of genres.

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