Pink Monsters Prefer Fruit

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  • Pink Monsters Prefer Fruit

    <img src="">

    Avoid getting glass in the monsters mouth and his/her(?) tentacles.

    Left Click shoots the object out the left window.

    Right click......Guess

  • Oh man, awesome!

    I just love the graphics, and the idea of throwing stuff outside by the windows.

    The pink monster is perfectly drawn, I love it.

    Some critics :

    *The menu needs a proper "sprite" button, not that 'meh' application button.

    *Make the collision mask for object bigger, because it's hard to click on them sometimes.

    *Add several difficulties, and make the game more addicting by making it harder over time. To do so have a variable called "level" and make all the speeds and velocities multiplied by that variable for a certain amount. Every X ms raise "level".

  • Thanks for the feedback:)

    I agree on all you points.

    The button on menu was because I was in a hurry.

    The "click on object" function did not work. Strange. Have to take a look tomorrow.

    Now its beertime

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  • Amazing idea.

  • Where do you come up with these ideas?? LOL! Crazy game man. I like it a lot... the graphics are really nice. I agree that the objects are a little hard to click on sometimes... it seems the hit boxes are a little too small perhaps. The best score I could get was around 1800.

    Nice work


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