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  • BETA 2.7 NOW!


    Left mouse button: make vertical block

    Right mouse button: make horizontal block

    R: Destroy all blocks works like reset

    Ur objective is to stack pile that can touch that red thing.

    Music controls: U to stop Y to resume use 1,2,3,4 to change songs!

    New version out with 4 levels and improved score system (U lose more points than u get if u drop block and u lose 200 points if u reset) And now the big thing! Theres music now!!!

    And for those who havent got so good pc Sorry i havent got time to tweak options and stuff like that ive been busy with musics and new levels ^^



    EDIT: I know second level is almost impossible tell me if someone has beaten it expect me^^

  • Looks ok, but if you continue it please have an option screen to turn off certain/all effects, even though my gfx card can run it, it lags pretty bad for me.

    EDIT: If you want some good music that mostly has no words in them, check the Newgrounds Audio Portal. The songs on there are mostly free for use in any non-commercial work as long as you give credit (eg: a link to the authors profile) im not sure if there are other limitations but the song will have them mentioned on the "listen" page for it. Here is a link:

  • Hmm, add an option to turn the motion blur off because it runs pretty slow here - nice concept for a game though!

    Also you really really shouldn't use fixed framerates for games. Go for V-synced. It really makes the display much better quality. Also, 5x motion blur at a fixed framerate of 50FPS will end up putting 10 actual frames on the screen per second, so it looks like it's running badly because you've actually limited it to 10 FPS.

  • Ah okay ty for info^^ Il fix it in next version.

    Btw im gonna tell 1 thing about next version well actually 2: 2 Different maps and there gonna be hinge somewhere

  • How i can change layout 3 to be the first layout readed? So it would be menu screen?

  • New version out check it out ^^

  • Btw ty for that audio portal found some good songs that im gonna include in next version i hope!

  • New version out beta2.7!(yeah i know odd beta numbers:P)

    4levels! Music! and new improved scoresystem! and level names too!

    Tell me how you like it so far! ^^

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  • Sorry, but it's still lagging for me and I can't hear any music =(

  • Oh... Well il try to fix em. But cant until tomorrow as now i only have 1 pc at my disposal but tomorrow i can try to fix probs in another pc and i know that graphs are intensive. Well i get over 350fps so i havent been thinking of you but not its time to change!


    This should have music its rar that consists of exe and those songs.

    Please download and tell me if it works or not. As i cant try with my own pc as i already have all songs and stuff like that.

  • Music works now =) I also just realised that it isn't "really" lagging, its just that the motion blur makes it look like the objects are falling slower than they really are.

  • Glad to hear that music is working ^^ next version will have motion blur off button ^^

    Oh what do u think about music? Does it fit well?

    And if i remember right you could change graphics just make some directories:

    PLACE WHERE EXE\Kuvat\Palikat\pysty1.png(for vertical one) and vaaka1.png (for horizontal)

    If u wanna mod em^^

  • Haven't tried changing the graphics yet, but yes, the music suits it well actually Good choices

  • Il start working one new version tomorrow. Il remake the whole "code" and put better interface and make it feel and look better too and i hope to have it ready by next weekend with 10lvls. And maybe 1 song more.

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