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  • Yes, a corrupted keyboard driver.

    Anyway, this is !+i. It's another physics game (no, I will most certainly not make you something else) but this time with a massive twist... well, not really, it's all been done before, but mostly not in Construct.

    Well, what is it?

    Changeable gravity, physical dragging, and time stopping (maybe bullet time later, I think I have a good way to do it, but I'm not sure)

    Two of these three things are going into the new Phys-Box, when I get to it. Changeable gravity is not one of them - the way I'm making the new player opbject in Physbox Redeveloped is completely incompatible with it. Although I have found a good way to do wall jumping and climbing, without a billion little red line detectors floating around you like some kind of laser shield - hence why changing gravity wouldn't work.

    I was also gonna upload this last night, but my laptop's wireless adaptor drops the connection every ten seconds so I can't upload things on wireless. Which is why my laptop is now next to the modem, where my old CRT used to be.

    Anyway, there's only one screenshot, because only one is needed. To explain what the toolbar stuff means.

    <img src="http://upload.d2k5.com/users/Theorem/files/explusi_screenshot.png">

    Icons, from left to right, and what they do.

    1. Add Icons - spawn more overlor- icons.

    2. Remove Icons - spawn less icons?

    3. Stop time n'such - Y'know, like stopping time isn't cool anymore or something.

    These first three, when down (selected) apply their effect on the right mouse button being used.

    4. Delete all

    5. Rotate icons one way - constantly, at high speed

    6. Rotate icons the other way - as above but totally not

    7. Popcorn - makes icons like popcorn! They pop up randomly.

    8. Gravity - turning it on or off, specifically.

    9. Minimize

    10. Exit

    Other controls:

    Left mouse to drag objects

    Arrow keys change gravity (all four of them, yes)


    Gravity is slightly less stable than default, and a bit more laggy.

    Something else I don't remember right now

    I'm hungry too

    This is just a way to make systems for Physbox Redeveloped, and I think I know how to make slow motion physics for it, so I'm gonna go eat then try that. If that works, you'll be like Max Payne+Neo+N, all at once, and then you'll die from an awesome overload (more often known as an explosive barrel)

    Anyway, don't ask when I'll be updating this or releasing PBR, since I have lots to do and much less time to do it in. Feedback/more ideas appreciated. Cap included. Deboned as much as possible, but if you encounter one we accept no responsibility. Do not consume if you have known allergies to Salmon or Prawns. No action will be taken on sprains, strains, or broken bones incurred during the consummation of !+i.

    Oh yeah, and download it at D2K5 Upload like always -


    Oh, one last thing - I'm not sure about the font. It's not standard to any system, so it might cause errors. If it won't work, or doesn't show the counter, try downloading the Visitor font pack, which can be found on dafont.com, free of charge. The font itself is Visitor TT2 BRK.

    Having been finally informed D2K5 is a dick (again) I have sat in the Mediafire upload line for a while.


    Somewhat appropriate, seeing as how it took a minute and a half to upload

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