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  • Phys-Box is the second project I started. It's a simple physics sandbox with gibbing objects, and explosives (and weapons when I wake up, it's 5:11am and I need to sleep desperately)

    Sorry to post and run but here's the link:

    Simply check the controls in section two of the included readme (it's html, I got bored).

    When I wake up I will be implementing a pistol, and grenades. Right now the player has no use other than being there.

    Credits to deadeye for the physics/platformer hybrid movement (I am going to expand on this for a fully bouncing player but that's for another time)

    I will also soon be putting in basic zombies which will jump up small to medium ledges, push objects and attack the player (they won't push grenades away, because that would make grenades useless on zombies)

    There is currently an unlisted bug; Explosive Barrels are highly unstable, and when two are placed on top of each other they tend to collide several times per second, causing them to explode with no apparent influence. I think this is due to the increased gravity, however I will be creating countermeasures to this soon.

  • Could you please make the pixel shader turn off if it's not supported? I can't start the app.

  • Could you please make the pixel shader turn off if it's not supported? I can't start the app.

    That's odd, I'm using Additive which is marked as 0.0 (which I assume is no pixel shader required). Give me a minute or two.

    Nevermind, I used screen. Oops.

    Screen is set to turn off if 2.0 is unavailable and Additive is set to turn off it 2.0 is available.

    It's for the explosion, which is a black-background sprite so it will look really bad without the effects.

    I'm updating the download with the updated .exe now.

    Okay it's updated. Sorry about that.

    If you press 2 in the new .exe you can see some of the new functionality of the next version. Press 1 to put it away.

  • <img src="">

    What you see here is the new weapons bar. Doubleclick any one of these items to transfer it directly to your player.

    Press R to reload, click to fire, G to throw grenades. I will elaborate in about an hour when I get home.

  • Saw this on facePunch, very fun. Needs sound and death.

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  • Sounds have priority over Death. Dying will be part of the fabled zombie patch. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" />

  • there are some noticeable problems but this is still pretty cool.


    • the wall climbing/jumping doesn't always work as expected, sometimes the smiley moves upwards but at other times it just halts its descent for a moment
    • when landing from a higher surface, the smiley will stop its horizontal movement

    these are just things that i can remember at the moment, do you plan on working on these problems?

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