Pharaoh's Tomb Remake

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  • Pharaoh's Tomb is a classic CGA platform game from the golden days of the DOS era. It was created by George Broussard of Duke Nukem fame. As it was the first game i've ever played on my PC it holds a special place in my heart:)

    A while ago i created a new version of Pharaoh's Tomb titled ''The Curse of The Golden Scarab" using Gamemaker. It constists of only four exra levels and slightly enchanced graphics. I've decided to port it to Construct, this time though i plan to create a faithfull remake of the original game.

    Below is a link to a screensht of Level 2 (apologise for the external link but i don't know how to use the Img command)

    <img src="">

    Fixed - Sol

  • I remember Pharaoh's Tomb! I played it on my old Tandy 1000.

    A friend of my dad gave me a floppy with Pharaoh's Tomb and a helicopter game, which I think was just called "Chopper". I always thought it was funny that whenever you blew up a building it said "Building was destoryed"...

    Looking forward to the release of your game.

  • Eeeeeeee!!!

    (girlish squeal of delight)

    I guess it isn't a big surprise but a lot of old DOS games are now freeware. I did a quick search and not only does this site have "Pharaoh's Tomb", but it also has "Chopper Commando" (the game that I mentioned in my last post) and "Round 42"!!!

    Nostalgia overload...!!!

    Can't wait for for your update to Pharaoh's Tomb!

  • Project Status

    Level Design 8%

    AI 20%

    Graphics 85%

    Sounds 40%

    GUI 0%

    The original game constists of 4 episodes with 20 levels each . My plan is to remake the first episode.

    Thanks for your motivation Caspis Sinclair

  • For you nostalgists: I've heard that LiveDosGames is pretty good for replaying this stuff without too much messing around. It's a kind of minimalist Linux distro that comes bundled with a lot of now-abandoned DOS era games, DOSbox, and settings tweaked to make them work properly.

    PS: Never heard of Pharoh's Tomb! I think I'll wait for the remake.

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  • LOL retro

    This should be good

    (The IMG command is used as follows:)

    [ img ] http: // www . link . com [ /img ]

    Obviously, without the spaces


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