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  • PermaCon is a little tool I made since I hate standard folder icons in Windows.

    It will change the folder icon of any non-system protected folder, and the results will be Permanent. If the folder is moved, copied to another device, etc, the icon will remain applied the folder at all times.

    I decided to make this since I just reinstalled Windows on my PC, and all my other drives that had fancy icons reverted back to the default ones. This time they will be made permanent for the next reinstall



    If you select an icon and try to apply it to the folder that the icon is already in, it will delete the icon... so don't do that. Make sure you are applying the icon to a different folder than where the icon itself is located. I might fix this, but probably can't be bothered so just watch out for it.


    It appears that in Windows 7, and possibly Vista, the desktop.ini file method (used by PermaCon) used to inject the folder icon is ineffective until a system based desktop.ini has been assigned by Windows Explorer. Essentially you have to assign a folder icon using explorer (non permanent icon using file paths) THEN you can use PermaCon to assign a permanent icon.

    This apparently is not an issue in Windows XP, and not real sure about Vista. I will try to find a way to fix this but from what I have been reading it seems to be a change in Windows 7 mainly causing this issue.


    Here is what I did to my folders with this little app. Icons not included. If you want an icon pack, let me know I can hook something up.


    Extract folder and run EXE. Do not run from inside RAR file otherwise it won't work properly.

    DOWNLOAD: ... rmaCon.rar


  • Nice work! I know I already said that, just giving the thread some love.

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  • I have noticed that, due to the way Windows assigns the ini settings for the icon cache, you may have to apply a custom icon the "normal" way first... then update the icon using PermaCon to make it a permanent icon.

    In other words, if you ahve trouble getting the right icons to show up... right click the folder and set the icon to anything, doesn't matter what... THEN use PermaCon to set your custom permanent icon.


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