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  • <font size="2">This is the executable distribution of Pattern Generator, intended for those who want to use the tool while not interested in the source code. If you would like to have the source .cap files instead, go to</font>

    <font size="3">Introduction</font>

    One of the best attributes of Construct Classic is its versatility. While it was designed to create games, in fact you can produce almost any type of application. I think that I proved it in the past with applications like "Boom" or "Dancer".

    When I decided to step back from the forums, I was thinking about making some of my projects open source. But I have a problem with opening my game projects (most of them not even done!) because they feature unique ideas not yet covered in any other game and to be honest I'd prefer to keep them for myself (yeah, it's selfish <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle"> ).

    But this application, while it isn't very unique, can be of good use. That's why I decided to publish it.

    <font size="3">About Pattern Generator</font>

    I made this application to learn about various aspects, like interfacing, file management, cubic interpolation of colors, creating different shaders from just a perlin noise map, and much more.

    With Pattern Generator you are creating graphic patterns. The way you do it with this application is very convenient. Here are a few images created with Pattern Generator (note, the images are unedited, they all are direct outputs from the application):

    exim1.png, exim2.png, exim3.png, exim4.png, exim5.png, exim6.png, exim7.png, exim8.png

    Pattern Generator features

    • multi-language support (super easy creation of your own language file)
    • skinning (it's scheming rather than skinning) with the included Skin Editor
    • 4 different shader
    • one-click-randomization
    • saves in its native format and exports to png and jpeg

    What Pattern Generator can't do

    • no variable image sizes (512x512 only)
    • no seamless textures (needs post production to do so)

    Let's have a look at the interface (click on thumbnail for a fullsize view):

    The best way to explore Pattern Generator is by using a combination of its lock function and the randomize button. Start by randomizing a few times, until you find something that attracts you. A click on the lock item will prevent a change of this property from subsequent calls to randomize. In fact, 7 of the example images above originated from this method.

    Things to mention:

    • the lock function can be controlled in three ways. A left click locks/unlocks, a right click locks all properties but the one you're clicking on, and a ctrl-right-click unlocks all properties
    • you can still change a value that is locked. Locking only affects the randomization
    • when changing a gradient's color, you are presented with a second color spot above the one you're changing. A click on this second spot reverts the color, while a click on the original spot accepts the color change and closes the color mixer
    • the three small radio buttons of the zoom property control the axis to zoom. From top to bottom: Both axis, horizontal axis, vertical axis
    • click on a value to select/deselect it. When selected, use the big slider to change the value. This is relative: The farther away from the slider's center the faster the value change. To the top raises a value, to the bottom lowers.
    • The Skin Editor presents an older version of the interface. But it is fully compatible to the current version of Pattern Generator
    • When saving a skin/scheme with the Skin Editor, it takes care of all file changes needed. Those skins are immediatly available when starting Pattern Generator the next time
    • There's an issue with the Skin Editor where, when you select a value or activate a lock and then click refresh, those items are shown in their normal color. Just click 2x to see the selection color
    • To create a language file, copy one of the .lng files and edit it with a text editor. It contains key-value-pairs, should be self explaining. When you're done don't forget to open lng.ini, add your filename in the group "lang" (e.g. 4=polish.lng) and a abbreviation in the group "desc" (keep it under 5 letters, e.g. 4=pl)

    <font size="3">Download</font>

    Pattern Generator.rar

  • Thanks Tulamide, looks cool!

  • Looks interesting. Thanks Tulamide.

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  • Thank you guys, hope it helps someone somehow!

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