Ownage: a game for deciding everyday things

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  • A while ago, I made a game for my friends who are constantly arguing over stupid things. The game aims to settle any matter, indefinitely, between the two friends. It's been used a couple of times and I have to say it's both hilarious and satisfying at the same time. I didn't include myself in the game (as i was hoping to make myself an overpowered character, but then figured i had already spent enough with 2 days working on the game . ). A lot of the dialog contained within refer to inside jokes, so interpret them as you wish...I spent a whole 10 hours over 2 days making this little tool, so give it a spin! It was finished a while ago, but i figured i'd post it for shits and giggles.

    The controls are meant for two players on the same keyboard (one button each...), and there's no ai to play against. So... play with someone near you, or just be both players to see how the game rolls.


  • 1. Typos?

    2. Controls?

    Didn't get past the player select screen because for the life of poor me I couldn't figure the controls out.

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  • lol yea i realize the typos, just never bothered fixing them because i didn't feel like rebuilding it. As for character selection, use the mouse. As i said i just pumped this game out in 2 days, the title screen was made about 2 minutes before i exe'd it.

  • I'm sorry, but this is totally unplayable. You should at least say what those "one button"s are. I know this is a pretty small community, but when posting stuff like this online it's usually best to include some form of instruction. Since there were no controls listed in your post, I figured it would be in the game, but no...

    That said, it is a humorous idea; you could probably take inspiration from Multivaders and make it possible to insert custom photos... etc. But even for a small random joke project, if you're posting it online at least provide a rundown of controls used. I don't care if it's just something you did in ten seconds, it's the principle of the matter here that I am being mean about.

    Unless of course not knowing the controls is part of the game's design.

  • Yeah, I could grasp that it was z and right, before it crashed on me, with just about every combination of characters selected. I also got treated to a, "You have to wait for the exclamation point dumbass" message from microsoft sam.

  • As for character selection, use the mouse.

    listed how to select characters here.

    [quote:1mdxi67i] I figured it would be in the game, but no...

    actually, when you select your character, it says what to do, and what buttons are used..

  • Hahahahaha awesome game is awesome

    You should make it so the faces can be replaced by external graphics, and the names can be edited via an INI file... then it could be customised for each persons "group of friends".

    This could come in real handy with some of my mates hahaha!


  • haha, maybe someday i'll get around to it. The taunts would have to be editable also.

    (Protip: press both buttons at the exact same time...)

  • Hey, game, f- you! 20 frames isn't grandmother slow.

    Other than that cool game, awkward resolution

  • Awesome game! Best time is 16 frames, got it 4 times in a row... I'm slow =[

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