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  • Hi!

    I recently released a demo of the indie game I develop with construct.

    It's named One Eye Shooter and it is a mix of plateformer, shooter and a bit of reflexion.

    You can find the demo on the dev blog : and the .cap is here :

    Bye and thx for your amazing game creator!

    I can't wait to use construct 2!

    Some artworks and screenshots :

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

  • Very nice

    Well done!

    I'll have a play and let you know what I think.

  • I have a tester who have this message at runtime with directX 11 and windows seven.

    <img src="">

    Anybody has a solution?

  • Construct needs DirectX9. Just get the tester to install it.

  • Wow this looks pretty good! I played a few levels on my macbook with a virtual Windows XP.

    I noticed that the first level didn't run quite as smooth though. The 2nd and 3rd level are better.

    I also noticed that I can shoot trough breakable walls (the ones you have to shoot to destroy)

  • Now this is the making of a great game.Superb visuals , Excellent Gameplay and a unique hero character.Keep it up.

  • I have a tester who have this message at runtime with directX 11 and windows seven.

    <img src="">

    Anybody has a solution?

    It doesn't matter how new your windows or DirectX is: You need to install those directX9 optional files. They aren't included in regular directX updates.

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  • I couldn't beat the first level, it indicates to press "Up arrow" to jump... but the ledge is too high to jump on?

  • The first ledge with one arrow or the ledge with 2 arrows?

  • The first one in the game, at the very start.

    Any tips on how to get up there?

  • I suppose it's a bug...

    What is your PC (CPU, RAM...) ? You have direct X 9 ?

    You can double jump but it's not normal you have to.

  • Strange. I can't get over that first jump either - unless of course I alter the .cap. Using latest 0.99.97 build.

  • The double jump is easy to do,When the character is halfway in the air then yo press the jump button again.Timing is crucial.

  • If I change the event:

    + MouseKeyboard: On key Num pad 1 pressed

    + HeroCol: Value 'DoubleJump' Greater than 0

    -> HeroCol: Jump

    -> HeroCol: Subtract 1 from 'DoubleJump'

    -> XAudio2: Autoplay file AppPath & "xJump.wav" (No loop) at HeroCol

    i.e. from up arrow to Numpad1, then pressing up arrow quickly followed by numpad1 works and a double jump is performed.

    I reckon it's a keyboard thing. Altering repeat delay etc doesn't appear to help. I might try a different keyboard.

  • Looks like a nice game

    However, all the blur effects on the backgrounds makes it unresponsive and slow on my work pc (core i3jas@2.93ghZ + geforce 310). It runs fine if i remove them, so maybe you could preblur them?

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