Offering help for free with sound and graphics!

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  • Please don't flame, those that know me from my previous posts, ok? ok? thanks. Now.

    Since my last thread was locked, i was unable to post some of the links you guys requested - don't worry - i won't bring up the subject again - this time i'm offering my meager talents to you guys for free, with no strings attached - as i said before - i just want to help this community that i really love.

    So here's the pitch. I'm a composer, and while i've got only 2 tunes on youtube i got plenty more on my HD, so this link is just to show what i can do. I'm still not on terms with some stuff, so i'm not a pro, but i can whip up a tune that's quite ok, i guess.

    Here's the link: ... 0Wwqn5LPRI

    i'm also an illustrator and a graphic deisgner - you can check out some of my work on the deviant art if you want:

    also, it's not top notch, but at least someone may find it useful.

    what are the terms? no terms, really. Just ask me what you need and i'll try to help you out. Sorry again for all the eyebrows raised by my unprofessional approach. Thanks for not banning me and i hope i can be of use to some of you guys.

    EDIT: forgot to mention that i probably won't be able to answer your posts until 16-17.8., as i'm away from civilisation during that time Thanks for understanding!

    PM me, post here or e-mail me.

  • That's awfully nice of you. I'm personally fine with my graphic design, but there's always someone who needs that extra support.

  • This is indeed very nice of you, my terrible art skills are what always hold me back and stop me from finishing my projects. I don't currently have any projects that I'm working on though, otherwise i would probably take you up on this offer

  • still here

    thanks for all the kind words guys!

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  • Wow thnx music for my games will always be welcome.

  • This is the very same thing that is holding me and my partner back from finishing our game quickly. He is a great programmer, and I'm still learning the ropes, but my level design and plot building skills outweigh his, so we make a good team. We both seriously suck at animation and making music. We have a very specific idea of what we want, and I'll have him check out your work and I'll get back to you if we want your help (which we seriously might). His name is Mr. Ksoft, so just pm him about this if you are interested in helping us. (cause I'm feeling lazy right now, lol)

    A demo of the game we are working on is in order, so that you can see if you could and would like to help. Here is the link to our site, explaining the game, and there is a demo out now if you'd like:

    ...but our site is unreliable so in case it isn't working, here is a link to the topic about it here on the forum:

    Our screen-shots really don't do the game justice, so please download the demo and give it a try.

  • That would be very cool I'm much more keen about making music than graphics right now. There are only 2 songs on youtube, but i think i have a couple more on my myspace profile ... d=66772261

    Also, i have dozen or more tunes of similar quality, but i've been lazy/unmotivated, so i didnt' bother uploading them

    i've seen the screens and i have yet to download the game and give it a whirl, since i'm dead tired right now So far i like very much what i'm seeing, and i'd like to help you guys out. You go right ahead and check out and see if i'm good enough for your project and PM me with the specifics about the mood of the tune and other stuff you'd like to hear.

    Oh and...zzzzZzz ... gotta...go...sleeep....

  • An important anouncement - i may be actually getting something to do, so i'll let you know - in order to do my part in the offered project with my full attention, i will let you know if i'm available for other offers or not in the upcoming days. Thank you for your trust and have fun!


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