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  • I'm here today with a ninja game I'm working on. It's pretty much a clone of the N engine at the moment, although not quite up to that yet. To set it apart, I'm adding special ninja powers, and I'll probably end up adding weapons at some point. Here's a screenshot:

    You can currently run, jump, grab onto walls, wall jump, and teleport a short distance between walls while grabbing onto one. The controls are arrow keys for movement and shift to jump. You can teleport between walls by pressing any diagonal direction while grabbed on, but this only works for a short distance. Anyways, here's the link: NInja Game

    By the way, the ninja guy graphics are by me, made in pivot. Tell me what you think.

  • Nice, it kinda reminds me of those old Xiao Xiao flash animations from back in the day.

    The movement is nice, and the wall jumping is good, but i'd like to be able to let go of the wall without having to jump if at all possible. And the teleport might need a little work, I can teleport out of the level

    Also, it seems like ninjadude's hitbox is kind of big, I can't walk underneath the lowest wall even though it looks like I should be able to.

    Nice engine overall. Is it completely custom? If so, extra nice

  • Thanks, deadeye. Unfortunately it's not completely custom. I've never been able to get slopes to work right, so I just modify the built-in behavior to do what I want.

    I improved two of the problems that you mentioned. I wasn't using the Ninja sprite for the platform object, and since per-pixel collisions wouldn't work, I went with bounding box. This led to the collision box being to big because there's a bit of blank space above the Ninja I'm too lazy to take out.

    I also fixed up the wall-jumping. First off, you have to be holding in the direction of the wall to grab on. Also, you have to be holding a direction key to jump off, this allows you to let go by the hitting the jump key without hitting any other buttons.

    I haven't worked on the teleporting problem, but I'll fix that soon.

    Anyways, here's the improved version. The jump key is now "S": Ninja Game Build 2

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  • Okay first of all: Ninjas are awesome.

    I like the vibe of this game so far. It already feels like it's easy to play, but hard to master. Which is a very good thing imo. Although the teleporting was a little odd to me. But you're right: Ninjas should absolutely be able to teleport!!!

    Now I want to throw shurikens that can break stuff, like crates... or whatever. Bad guys... more Ninjas.

  • reminds me of a game i downloaded on TDC which was an n clone also

  • Thanks guys. I'll try and get a new build up tonight for everybody to see it.

  • It's a day late, but I've got a new build for everybody here, and this one features some nice new features and a graphics overhaul. I got rid of the stick figures because I didn't want it to just look like a rip-off of N(which it's quickly becoming not). Anyways, all of the controls are explained in the game through hints scattered through the small level I pulled together:

    Ninja Game Alpha 3

    Let me know what you all think.

  • Will try to download later tonight once I get home. I love ninja games

    Linkman + Ninjas = AWESOME


  • Woa this is improving pretty fast. Great.

    Right at the beginning I was facing the wall to the left and hitting left arrow repeatedly in order to headbang like in the older build.

    But the ninja disappeared to nowhere. I understand doubletapping is some kind of teleport/dash thing right.

    Anyway, need to get past those spikes now

    edit: Oh I made it. Teleporting is the key indeed. But sometimes it seems to teleport the player to the wrong place.

    Bring on enemies now!!!

  • You don't need to teleport past the spikes... you can cut the rope on the platform

    This is turning out to be really slick. I'm impressed. I think the up-down-up-down key combo is a little excessive. Perhaps you could do a simpler control to activate it? It's not hard to do, it just seems like it's more key presses than necessary.

    And I was able to teleport outside of the level (again ).

    A tip... to keep from "replacing" yourself in a wall, have a dummy object go first, and if it's overlapping solid then run a quick push-out loop. Once it's free, move the player to the dummy object's location and kill the dummy. (You can tell which direction the dummy needs to be pushed by doing a system point collision test using it's top, bottom, and sides locations before running the push loop.)

    But this is looking really nice so far, excellent work

  • Thanks for the comments guys. Glad you think it's coming along well.

    Anyways, I fixed the teleporting outside of the layout problem, so there are no worries about that now. Also, about the activation for the replacement technique, do you think it would be better if I used shorter button combos? I plan on adding more of these more advanced powers(already added another one, actually), and I don't really want to use more than four buttons.

    And that's a good idea about the dummy object, deadeye. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Hmm... how about a "power select" mini-menu that pops up? you could hold down the F key to freeze the action, then a menu wold pop up in the corner like so (excuse the crummy mspaint mockup ):

    <img src="">

    Then you could point at the power you want with the arrows and let go of the F key to activate it. You could have diagonals and stuff too if you run out of room.

    That way you need only one key, there's no need to type in annoying key combos, and you get a slick looking interface all at the same time

  • That's a slick little idea. I'll see what I can do.

  • Pretty sweet. I like the ninja concept and throwing daggers.. i'd like to see more skills too.

  • kindly add to you ninja game the following weapon: the sword or katana, throwing stars and nanchaku

    You realize this is over a year old, right? I've pretty much abandoned this game by now.

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