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    Hey there people! My artist for my other big project is on vacation for some weeks, so production came to an halt, so I tried to spend my time with something else. So now I'd like to show you a game project of mine that I consider pretty much finished. I have some people beta testing it at the moment and I think it would be pretty cool if some of you's would give it a try and tell me what you think because I am also planning on releasing this on Moddb to make construct a tiny bit more popular.

    I made this in a Week, so don't expect anything awesome or something. XD

    What's this about?

    Basically it's a racing game with Skidoo's. But I hate normal racing games, so I threw in some Twisted Metal, Vigilante 8 and Rogue Trip stuff to spice things up. You got a Character and a Driver, the Driver drives ( ) and your Character can shoot weapons. There are different Weapons to pick up for your Character AND Skidoo.

    Your Character and Drivers can die, wich limits your Combat Abilities.

    There are various Options you can enable for your race, like Enemies, Mines or even an Attack Helicopter that will destroy everyone if you don't shoot it down or evade it's rain of bullets.

    Anyway, Pictures say more than 1000 Words, so here are some.

    So let me summerize the Features

    - 8 Different Characters to choose from
    	[li]The ability to easiy mod the game and thus to add your own Character[/li]
    	[li]Each Character has his own Special Weapon that will purify your enemies[/li]
    	[li]Up to 6 Computer Opponents, each one with their own Weapons, Characters and Tactics[/li]
    	[li]A Trophies System for the KickAss Skidoo Drivers that want to master everybit of the game.[/li]
    	[li]18 Weapons in total including Grenades, Shotguns, Machineguns for People AND your Skidoo, Minelayers, Bazookas and the controlable Luna Missile[/li]
    	[li]Customize your Race, change gameoptions like Snow, Enemey Count, Mines on the track, track length or even a Helicopter[/li]
    	[li]If enabled, a Helicopter will come by occasionally and make sure that noone leaves the Race alive.[/li]
    	[li]Run over your Oponents after they flew out of their crashed Skidoo and leave a trail of blood behind! You can do the same with Naked Dude's running across the Track sometimes, those deserve to die![/li]
    	[li]Be ready to unleash the carnage! Dozens of Bullets fly around at once, heavy explosions will shake the camera and limit your view, Skidoos will explode Violently and people will scream in pain when they die![/li]
    That's about it! 
    Also, not all of the art is done by me because I suck at art and like I said, my artist is gone. Artists of the Art can ofcourse be found in the readme and Credits. 
    Because this is also partially a fan game and a homage, I used some of my favourite Characters from my favourite TV Shows, Games, Books etc. but slightly changed their name to prevent copyright infringement, just to prevent any confusion that might come up.
    You can download it from several places:
    Size: 36.06MB 
    Don't forget to Install the Tiza font (comes with the game), else some text bits in the game might get messed up. Thanks
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  • Awesome.

    I had no idea that sledding was such a hardcore sport! The winter olympics usually have less machine guns and explosions.

    Pretty smooth control and great use of music/sfx. Overall this feels like the most complete game that I've played using Construct. Good work!

  • Thanks alot for the Comment glad you enjoyed it!

    Now that you said it, Winter Olympics with explosions would be pretty awesome. >_>

  • Hi mate you have a awesome game but you have the cap? im a noob in programming and would be awesome you share :/

  • Hi there, Chaps! I released a Trophy Guide today, it shows you how to unlock all the trophies.

    Trophy Guide
    "Chopper Down" : Shoot down a Helicopter with a Luna Missile. To do this, run over a Skidoo Weapon Pick up until you get a Luna. When the Helicopter attacks you, let it fly by you so it is infront of you flying a straight line downwards to the screen. Press the right Mouse Button to launch the Luna Missile. Then direct it towards the Helicopter.
    NOTE: You DO NOT need to detonate the Missile Manually! To destroy the Helicopter the Luna needs to colide with it and will destroy itself automatically!
    "Last Man Standing" : Set difficulty to atleast Kick Ass and maximum number of Enemies. Destroy all Enemy Skidoo's and kill all Characters then cross the finish line.
    "Doing the right Thing" : Set difficulty to atleast Kick Ass and maximum number of Enemies. Win a race by coming in as first place.
    "My Shit is Custom" : Set difficulty to atleast Kick Ass and maximum number of Enemies. Win a race with a custom made Character.
    "We appreciate your Work" : Watch through the whole Credits without skipping them. The Trophy will be unlocked at the end of the Credits.
    "How the Hell did you survive that?" : Set the Gamemode to "Hunt". Set maximum of Enemies and set Difficulty to "Overkill". Now make it to the finishing line. It doesn't matter what place you come in, the goal is to survive. This is the hardest Trophy of all to obtain.
    Have fun with the Trophy hunting! 
    Also some additional Screenshots from the Manual of this game, wich is actually a seperate construct made .exe that simulates a Videogame Manual. 
    Be sure to read it, it's very helpful!
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