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  • Here is a screenshot of another game I am playing around with.

    Its about a Little Dude that does little things to make big things happen.

  • <img src="" border="0" />

    Oh okay that's how I post a pic.

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  • Nope, still didn't work.

  • Dropbox is so much easier.

  • No offence I haven't seen it in motion, but graphics look wacky to me. And newt is right - Dropbox is much more easier.

  • For the lazy:

    <img src="" border="0">

    Imgur is also good when your posting pics. Like Wolod said, its pretty wacky.

  • The textures look nice, but it's extremely busy! It's almost difficult to see what or where anything is. The background needs to be more muted or smoothed out so it doesn't interfere with the foreground. At the very least, drop the saturation of the background and lighten it a little so the eye can pick up the distance, btu something to make it less confusing to the viewer. No single object looks bad, but together it's overwhelming.

  • Okay, I have downloaded this dropbox thing. Ah, and I am not really lazy I just have a full time job.

  • I didn't mean you when I said "for the lazy" <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> I meant its for the people that were too lazy to download it and then look at it.

  • Oh okay.

    Okay, so I have done a little more and made some suggested changes. I will post a link.

    It is only one little area. The transitions go nowhere yet, but would like to have it so the player can choose which area to start out at. Each area will require a key to open, and you get a key from completing an area, and can use it to go to which ever one next. The first area will require no key, and will be an easy place just to try out different things, like a tutorial. Not that I think that such a basic little game needs one.

    Anyway, have a run around If you'd like. I got bored in the first few minutes.

  • Here is another pic of the next area.

    I am losing confidence in this software, I cannot seem to use objects from one scene in another. I can copy them over, but weird things happen when I do, like the angles keep resetting themselves.

    Have I missed something or does Construct Classic not support that? Do I have to clone the entire layout, delete what I don't want and use what I want.. Like that??

    If so its a hard way of making new scenes.

    Oh I finally worked out that I don't have to make everything with blocks, hehe.

    Sorry I am a noob at this stuff.

    Oh and what do I write or do so that the pic will end up showing in here?

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