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  • This game is so good .

    Just one question though, are you required to do the bomb-jump trick in order to get the speed boots or did I miss a jump upgrade somewhere?

    Anyway, still playing it, I guess I'll find out eventually

  • The speed boost not all that far from the first walljump section, no magic moves needed to get it either.

    Spoiler? Nah you still have to find it yourself

  • Oh, I didn't even know you could wall jump . I guess it pays to read the readme.

    Anyway I got all the way to the (highlight for spoiler) plant boss without wall jumping .

  • You have 4 health bars and 4 rocket bars, right?

  • You have 4 health bars and 4 rocket bars, right?

    Yeah, including the ones you start with. I was going to add a '% of items collected', as well as completion time, but I got kinda lazy near the end there

  • Is the wall jump given by an item I haven't found or am I just not executing it properly?

    I have to say, this is pretty inspiring. I've been wanting to do a Metroidvania for a while, but I haven't settled on an engine or a style. Seeing your 8x8 tiles makes me want to try something similar. Are you using any particular color palette?

  • It's given by an item.

    And I'm lost. ;_;

  • ... -179576780

    Seems like a good suggestion...? I for one would love to see minitroid fight against very VERY big bosses

  • Amazing

  • Hey, very well made man. Looks like a good project. To be honest though - I kinda wish this wasn't metroid based, I feel like its potential is wasted because it isn't original; because there are just so many metroid game remakes. Still though - well done =]

  • Actually, I started remaking Minitroid from the ground up. I didn't know anything about Construct the first time around and we didn't even have level editors or anything. (Only got so far because I used to use MMF)

    That said, I've considered turning it into an original game. We designed all of the enemies/bosses and such, and made everything ourselves (though it's obviously influenced by Metroid)so in a way it's already an original game, just with a Metroid skin.

    Only problem is without the Metroid aspect then all you have is a cliche space-trooper game. Eh.

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  • Only problem is without the Metroid aspect then all you have is a cliche space-trooper game. Eh.

    That's really unfortunate... <img src="smileys/smiley6.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    You clearly have both an appreciation for the original Metroid series and the knowledge/ability to make a fun (who HASN'T enjoyed the Minitroid Demo?) game based on the franchise.

    I guess there are just so many independent games out there that it is just going to become increasingly more difficult for anyone to stand out?

  • Yeah, there are lots of Metroid fan games, but the actually GOOD ones are few and far between.

    This is one such of those games.

  • Only problem is without the Metroid aspect then all you have is a cliche space-trooper game. Eh.

    That's just not true, if its a good game it'll be loved on its own merit, not the fact that its based on metroid, I don't think ppl would consider it cliche.

    Look at cave story - its got such a unique feel and atmosphere, and the ILLUSION of unique gameplay; but [deep down] - it really is just metroid with a different skin, and dialogue added. Yet cave story became one of the most loved indie games ever made.

    Well.. My comment wasn't so much a 'complaint' as a "what if" really. The game is definitely good, I just wish it wasn't restricted by metroid's shadow is all.

    but hey, in the end, a good game is a good game lol.

  • I'm assuming each area is its own large layout, and you're using something similar to, if not exactly, the map masking and transition affects in the MagiCam Plugin, with various amount of tweaking.

    The control config was a nice touch, as remapping with the Input System Plugin is a godsend. At first I was surprised you said you didn't use any Python scripting, but then looking at how the config behaved I'm not surprised. In my current project I allow the user to remap at any time while playing. Due to the Binary Object being rather bugged, I instead do all my binary writing via Python. This allows me full control of the file writing, plus I do a lot of formatting on the data for various display purposes.

    I love looking at these games and trying to figure out what systems are in place. Plus, being a Metroid fan and a lover of all things pixel, this game is one of the most glorious things I've ever seen. Amazing work.

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