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  • Uploaded a new build. If you got a crash earlier, please try this one.

  • Uploaded a new build. If you got a crash earlier, please try this one.

    Ah you also fixed the cfg file not working initially it seems

    Can I make a suggestion for version control? You might want to start using builds for version control and the possibility of adding release/patchlists based on said builds. Might make it easier for the public and yourself to keep track of things.

    For instance this would be "pub-build2" (or whatever iteration system you want to use of course )


    When you respawn and already have the movement keys pressed your sprite stays in the respawn state and you can't shoot/run or jump. Only way to fix it is by going into ballmode. Doesn't happen at the start though, just on a savepoint


    I can't seem to reproduce it though, so it might have been a one time unlucky keycombo...

  • Uploaded a new build. If you got a crash earlier, please try this one.

    It works on the Virtual Windows XP now. Somehow the game started pretty dark, but when I entered the first room, it was back to normal. The game is really good! I do miss a little feedback here and there (never played Metroid prime, so I don't know what some things are (the saving area for example)). But it's pretty addictive to play!

  • Amazing work Tokinsom. Really great idea too-- based on your avatar, I hope you weren't planning on making a mini-earthworm jim after this-- because your game has inspired me-- so I might just do that!

  • HA!

    Unfortunately there's no Miniworm Jim in the works, although that does sound like a fantastic idea :3

  • I've played up to the Green Zone and so far I haven't had any problems with crashes or controls messing up. The only *tiny* glitch that I've seen is one of the creatures that crawl around platforms got stuck at one point and started shaking.

    Not really worth mentioning, though. The gameplay is spot on and I really like the art style/music.

  • Aw, I spoke too soon.

    Several times now in the Green Zone the screen goes black except for the health/ammo bars. The game doesn't lock up or anything... you just can't see what is going on.

    It seems to happen completely at random. I wasn't going through a doorway into a new room when it happened. I'll try resetting my computer and see if that makes it stop.

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  • Big congrats

    even ign got interested

    Will check out the demo asap

  • No foreground tiles for me

    <img src="">

  • lol that happened to a friend of mine a while back. Said she changed all of her video card settings from performance to quality and it worked. It's worth a shot :T

  • Yea, it was Mipmap Detail Level setting, now it works.

    Btw, can you increase deadzone for gamepad controls? Some gamepads have a glitchy analog sticks which always has a little bit of fluctuations.

  • Congrats on getting this featured everywhere! I saw the article on IGN and thought, "Man, I know I've heard of Minitroid somewhere... Wait, Tokinsom? Isn't that the guy who's helped me like, five times on the support board?"

    I'll be sure to play through the demo (again, and again, and AGAIN) as soon as I can.

  • You're even on the escapist: ... ibute-Game

  • hopefully all this exposure doesn't put too much strain on you guys.

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