Messing around with gravity

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  • So this is my first test of working with Construct. When looking around I found the option to change the gravitys direction in the platform behaviour, I really wanted to try that out. So what I've done is use that to change the gravitys pull and implemented a crude double jump.


    The sprite I have in there is not my own. I pulled a Megaman ZX:A sprite from the net, just to have something more visual than a box in there.

    I'm not 100% sure exactly how I'm going to use the gravity, but I will use it. I will also try to fine tune the way gravity alters your course when changing from say left to up. It feels a bit abrupt as it is now.

    Right now the character doesn't flip or rotate according to the gravity and I'll also try to make it so the controls make sense when the gravity is left or right so you move upwards by actually pressing up, instead of right.

    I've commented my events, mostly to get a feel for placing comments.

    I must say, now that I've actually tried doing something in Construct I really like it. Whatever little skepticism I had left has been pretty much obliterated. I'm looking forward to doing more stuff in it. I thought it'd take longer to get used to how you place events in it. Sub-events is something I also look forward to playing around with more.

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