Meshugger v1 (Rotating Mesh Editor)

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    meshugger is a slightly advanced mesh editor for/in construct whose primary cool feature is being able to rotate the mesh. in this regard, it is also an (undocumented and early) demo on how to do that. it exports .mesh files as well as .csv files (details in the readme). cap included.

    download meshugger v1

    although meshugger is already very usable, there are a few things that could be done better, notably: the rotation being absolute, using simple euler angles (relative rotation would be cooler) & its dependency on .csv-files (it is possible to use .mesh files for everything, but i didn't notice until recently). i hope it is still of use to someone (even though the event sheet is rather large); in any case, i'll probably improve on it in the future.

  • Wow, thats cool :O Never thought of doing rotations like that!

  • that's fair awesome

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  • wow, this is a really great mesh editor. I'm definitely keeping this for later use. The ability to rotate is just awesomely awesome. Might i suggest a feature to make it uber useful? Implement some rotation helpers which allow you to move the view in fixed steps (ie. 5 degrees per click), on a chosen fixed axis of rotation. This would allow for precise editing. Once this is added, it will be the ultimate mesh editor.

  • Annnnnnnnnnd Construct goes fully 3D xD


  • thanks for the feedback :)

  • Great work, man! Though I have some suggestions:

    1) maybe you could create an arrow xyz movement system(for points) like in 3dmax?

    2) make multiply selection not just by clicking on points but holding a ctrl button and then clicking because it's not so comfortable when you have to unselect spare points?

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