Memorized - Memory based platformer

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  • Hello everyone. Long time no speak - Damn Final Fantasy 13 that game should have a goverment health warning.

    OK so I wanted to make another game quickly and went through some of my old .caps on my hard drive and found a little prototype I made ages ago, so I've expanded it into a small 20 game called Memorized.

    Memorized is a Platform game that should hopefully challenge your platforming skills and your memory. The basic gameplay is simple. You are shown the level that you have to complete for 5 seconds, then the level is made invisible and you have the tools to draw where you remember platforms and obstacles to make it to the level exit on each of the 20 levels.

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    YouTube Video is

    Download -



    Arrows up + Down = Highlight Menu Option

    Spacebar = Select Level Option


    Arrows = Highlight selection.

    Space = Select level.

    Q = Return to Main Menu


    Arrows = Move character

    Space = Jump

    D = Kills character (so you can see the level again if you're stuck).

    Q = Quit level and return to Level Select.

    Left Mouse Button = Draw into level using 'Green' pen.

    Right Mouse Button = Draw into level using 'Red' pen.

    Shift & Left Mouse Button = Erase any part of your level drawing.

    I'd be interested on how far you can get and if there are any bugs.


  • Scary but fun! And a really neat idea.

    I love the lowres graphics, if it wasn't for the mouse drawing bit I could totally see this as a game for a late 70s console.

    The invisible platforms also give me warm fuzzy memories of a certain Pac-Man-inspired game for the G7000 which has some mazes where the walls go invisible when you move your character.

  • Sorry for bumping an old topic but Memorized was featured in the September issue of the French gaming magazine



    I've Googled the article bit for anyone interested

    [quote:13f8vg85]Five seconds is the time you have to memorize each table game platform before the light,., turns off. Then you have to jump the right places to reach the exit while avoiding obstacles. Whenever you die, the path appears again few moments to let you back on track. In a formidable efficiency, the concept attracted, especially it reminds us of the great moments of galley when the show off the Light to reach the bedroom while trying to avoid embedding itself in the knees furniture. A catchy title, really thought and taking that deserves some attention here, as it confers its playability good life.

  • Gratz man!

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  • Sorry for bumping an old topic but Memorized was featured in the September issue of the French gaming magazine



    At first glance I thought we finally had PC joystick support T_T

    Oh well.

    Hey, congratulations! you're on print!

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