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  • you saw it a while ago, its pretty much done now

    <img src="">

    There ya go, a 3D game made in construct

    My entry for the Compo at TIGS.

  • How? did you use costum plug-ins to make this?

    and is there a tutorial somewhere on to make 3D games in Construct? atleast 3D platformers like Megaman X8?

  • Nope, not one, Nor any python, its all events

    and i'm afraid not D:

  • So how did you made the thumbs then? are they models or what? I thought Construct doesn't support animated models yet, hopefully someone will write a tutorial on 3D game development for Construct.

    Also can a game like Doom/Wolfeinsten be replicated in Construct? it uses sprites not models but the game levels are 3D or Construct hasn't reached that stage to make that yet?

  • im gonna tell you right now, its not easy, im pretty sure your WAYY better off doing it in a real 3D engine. i just did it to say, IT CAN BE DONE, but whoa it was hard. The models are made using custom event spawning code, they're not in any format, only my game can use them, the animation is really complicated to pull off, using beziers, nested loops, trig, and all kinds of stuff. Its all a big "trick" and you don't see whats really going on. The rotation and cameras alone are their own bag of worms. And wrapping textures using only distort maps is real tough

    This is made BEFORE the 3D object came out, theres not one of em in the game, actually theres no 3D boxes either, everything 3D are Sprite objects.

    I know that theres already an example of a Wolfenstein game on here, see what you can do with that.

  • goodness quazi

    you're f'in brilliant

    not too mention the eventing skill

    I can actually see how it all works, or at least how it can be done

    but that makes it all the more impressive

    the idea of taking it to that level of polish in what was undoubtedly some insane events sheets is just sickening

    if I have any complaints, it would just be that alot of the stuff isn't too intuitive, like the editor, but can't complain, I'm sure the deadline was pressing

    and good job davio, too. the music and art are perfect

    when you guys are ready to start an indie dev company with me, let me know


    hope you win, man...not sure what the prize is, but I hope it's good

    if not, still worth it

  • WOW!!!.Im sure you will win.Im holding "thumbs" that you win cause this is brilliant!!!.

  • Using 3d by turning Construct into a 3d engine? Lordy.

  • Wow.


    What else can be said?!

  • you sure have a heck of motivation(and brain) for doing that!

    can't believe that you are just 16(or 15), but atleast you encourage me to read those endless paragraphs on random terrain generation

    apart from that, i saw your game on gamejolt, why didn't you submit it on indiedb? you game could would surely get more number of players there.

  • Two thumbs up. Great work!

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  • Holy mother of God... O.O


  • You're on, bro!

    Congrats! Very impressed with this.

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