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    All other info is in readme.

    Would appreciate any feedback at all.

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  • I played it.

    Apart from the secret area which isn't that hard to find, all I did was fly back and forth... is that the extent of the game?

    This is probably some elaborate hoax where I make a fool of myself for asking "is that all there is?" or saying "I don't get it" but here goes... is this all there is? I don't get it.

    Not much else I can say about it except...





  • Yes, that's all there is.

  • Oh

    I was hoping to be a fool this time around

    Well, it's a pretty good game then, for what it is. Which is I guess flying back and forth repeatedly and collecting numbers that, um... I don't really know the purpose of. I don't mean to sound harsh, but I suppose I really don't understand the game.

    I guess I was hoping that the robot would break free and have an adventure the likes of which no robot has ever seen. Perhaps to save these people that are being "indirectly pacified." Well, at least the robot has a cave he can go hide in if he doesn't like his job.

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