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Brain Words is a word puzzle game, your objective is to find the correct 5, 6, 7 and 8 letter word.
  • This is my entry project for NUMBERS competition. Hope it's at least half as fun as I think it is

  • Another unique game! I liked the graphics for the dice. Some things that could be improved is the text. It was somewhat hard to read so maybe format it a little better with larger font. Also when you get your score it shows results for 15 rolls even if you only did 5.

    Also, it might be cool to have the user enter the correct answer and give some feedback, right and wrong.

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  • Hi, cheers for your feedback.

    About font size, I know it's a little to small but there was too much to say and just not enough space...

    As for the score, rest of the score is empty, just shows 0 / 0 , I thought that will be OK, hope it doesn't confuse anyone. There is one main bug in it which I can't fix. In sticks last result shows only time no sticks number, it happens only with the last one.

    About putting on answers, I thought about that but it would slow the game a lot and the core idea is to be honest with yourself and to do it as fast as possible.

    Cheers again for your opinion and I hope other user will give their feedback as well.

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