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  • I've been thinking for a while that there need to be a few more channels to promote Construct, rather than just the official site and forums. Mary Jane is doing great work with her showreel and other activities, and there are a couple of others posting things in other locations, so I thought I'd try contributing something too.

    Since I already have a tumblog for my own work, I decided to create a new one aimed at collecting everything to do with Construct. A couple of weeks back I registered "MadeWithConstruct" on tumblr, but due to work pressures I haven't gotten around to posting anything yet. However, I have set it up so that other people can submit posts to appear on the blog.

    The link is here:

    And the submit page:

    So, if you know of anything that you think would be good to show the world - it could be a game, a demo, a tutorial, anything - maybe you could head over to the submit page and send it in. Pick the right type of post (text, video, etc.) give it a tag, and don't forget to put in a link to the forum thread so that people can find out more. Or, put a reply in this thread with a link, and I'll post it to the blog for you.

    I want to make it clear that I'm not intending to take credit for the work of others, or exploit the community in any way. I'm simply trying to find something to do to help promote the software and the community. I'm looking forward to peoples' feedback on this.


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  • Good idea, thanks for starting it I guess game authors would also appreciate a bit of extra exposure too!

  • Wow, that showreel made me wanna uninstall Construct, and reinstall it afterwards. Only for the sake of excitement!

  • would you mind posting this tutorial on the blog??

  • Absolutely! I was reading that tutorial last night, very nice work. Although, the double line spacing on the text made it a bit hard to read. I'll post the link tonight.

  • thanks...

    the double line spacing was not intentional, it was some problem it Google Docs, the original version didn't have double line spacing.

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