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  • I finished a game after 3 months. Woo-hoo!

    <img src="http://pqgames.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/scr3.png">

    It's not really a game, though, and it's very short.

    What is it?

    1 - It's a short story consisting of two characters

    2 - I make use of dialogue as a literary device

    3 - The dialogue is designed so that discourse acts of the protagonist are portrayed through interactivity

    4 - The *gameplay-through-interactivity* focus is more on the first-order emotional experience rather than metaphors

    5 - The story has sexual references and I'm not really proud of it


    Quickplay (java required)


  • that was gross haha

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  • I hate you.

    Can't get past the three moving #'s, they're too fast.

  • that was gross haha

    You mean the story was gross (incest) or the game overall was gross?

    I hate you.

    Can't get past the three moving #'s, they're too fast.

    I predicted this. Will change that as soon as I can.

  • I'm guessing it has to do with frame rates, if it is uncapped, it can go wild unless you timedelta it. Or vsync would work.

  • I hate you.

    Can't get past the three moving #'s, they're too fast.

    Jesus, he's right. I'm raging right now, they're too damn hard D:

  • <img src="http://files.getdropbox.com/u/1013446/avatarawesomern7.png">

  • *spoiler alert*

    The trick with the moving # is to go to the bottom, move just as its moving downwards and then you make it across. But you have to hit right to cause you to stop before smashing into another #. It could be a bit easier since the other little 'awkward games' were pretty easy...but it should definitely still be challenging because that part of the conversation is the most challenging for the persona.

    Anyway I dont know how the community will react to the story...I think it was really stylishly done and dealt with the socially unacceptable topic of incest in a classy and respectable manner. And I love how we dont realise the situation until towards the end of the game...I personally thought it was about a guy who was in love with a girl...but the girl didn't know it...and she just saw him as a friend...but yeah that 'Of course I love you, your my little brother!' line was like....wow....took me by surprise

    Will be interesting to see what kind of feedback you get.

  • Duuuude... spoiler. You totally ruined it for me now!

  • lol mirosurabu had already 'spoiled' the storyline in one of his posts you'd already responded to but i added *spoiler* to my post now anyways

  • Time to add the phpbb spoiler mod

  • Mirosu that was very entertaining game ^^.

  • Woah, it's about incest? Heh. I reckon I don't read none too good. When I saw the "little brother" part I didn't take it literally, I assumed it was like how a girl might tell her guy friend "I think of you as a brother."

  • Thanks for the comments guys.

    deadeye: I was afraid of that. It certainly does not look too obvious.

  • The little minigames really added emotion as you wanted, and the one with the erractic movement made me MAD! Overall the story was simple, and very well executed. It was entertaining. Good emotional game as usual. The red pixel "line with two dots" made me laugh about 2 seconds after i started moving it. Heh, "Movies"

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