The Lost Archipielago series {Chapter one, WIP}

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  • Hello people!,

    so, umm, these are basically the very first games I create with Construct... yet I tried not to make them the typical clich�d Mario clone... instead, I aspired for something a little bit more complex. So, instead of one game, I thought of three of them.

    All three games will be connected by the same universe, yet every game takes place in a different time, place and will involve different people. Also, each one of them will have a diferent theme. Here's a little info about the series, which I named "The Lost Archipielago":

    [quote:2fyb36gq]"People always talked lots of things about the Lost Archipielago. Some say it's a place that can make people's wishes become true... if they really wish them from the bottom of their hearts.

    Located somewhere in the pacific ocean, the Forgotten Archipielago is a fairly recent founded, and discovered, country. It's conformed by three islands: two small ones and one main island, which is where most of the industry and the urban areas are located. Mainly, it's economy is based around the great amount of income from the touristic activity. The reason? the curiosity of people about the true mystery that the islands conceal. Even the very history of the Archipielago tells about the islands' power to turn one's most beloved dream true.

    There are also four distinct landmarks scattered around the islands. The first two are the "The Seekers", which are two lighthouses, one located in the main island and, the other one, on the northern island. The third landmark, "The Urban Man", a ten meters statue located in the very middle of the Archipielago capital city... and the last one, the "Tour de Force", the great, hanging bridge that connects the main island with the southern island."

    The first chapter of the series (this one) is based on the first two landmarks (the lighthouses) and it's theme will be long distances and love. The second chapter of the series will be based on "The Urban Man" and it's going to be about loss and grief... and the third one will be based on the "Tour de Force", and will be about dedication and self-sacrifice.

    So, enough talk! Here's some screenies:

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    I know, I know, two aren't enough... but the chapters aren't going to be that long so... uhh... I don't wanna spoil the whole thing.

    In any case, I... ummm... will be needing someone's help at testing the game... but actually, the bugs I'm concerned the most aren't the technical ones but the ones in the narrative/dialog (but if you happen to found a technical one, please let me know, hehe ).

    As you may have probably noticed, english isn't my native tongue and sometimes (oh, what the hell, almost every time) I can suck at choosing the right verb tense and stuff like that... so I would really appreciate if someone could take five minutes and take a quick look at the game for gramatical errors. It may be a short game, but a major part of it is based around the storyline and the narrative, so if the game is in broken english, it would pretty much ruin everything :/.

    Oh, and the first chapter is almost complete. I wanted to take some extra time to spice things up a bit (more sounds, effects, that kind of stuff). Many thanks to Mort, by the way, who helped me a lot at finding sound effects and music .

    Anyway, it'll probably be available later this week. So, if anyone's interested in giving me a hand with the spelling, just send me a PM and I'll send you the game so you can check it out.

    Thanks for reading!


  • I'd be happy to proofread and help out .

  • reminds me of knytt stories, is it a screen by screen game? (i didnt bother to read everything srry)

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  • Sounds like an interesting idea. Screnshots are a little small, but I think I get the genreal idea. Look forward to seeing more of this!


  • reminds me of knytt stories, is it a screen by screen game? (i didnt bother to read everything srry)

    Oh, don't worry ).

    I'd be happy to proofread and help out .

    Thanks Rich!, as soon as I finish it, I'll send it to you .

    Sounds like an interesting idea. Screnshots are a little small, but I think I get the genreal idea. Look forward to seeing more of this!


    Thank you!. Yep, actually, the game window is pretty small, the size of it is the same as the screenshots... I tried to keep the game as minimal as possible while, on the other hand, attempted to add many little details on the levels, such as visual effects and lots of ambient sounds (weird mix, I know ).


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