Little Violent Pixel Guys Perf. test.

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  • This is a performance test version (alpha 0.1) of a game I'm making. Just putting it here to gather information on how it runs on various systems. There's not a lot to it at this point... Feedback would be greatly appreciated... You can find more info and a download link at Let me know what you think!

  • Hahaha that's cool. I got kersploded hard by the rocket turret xD

    Runs fine on my wifes laptop:

    Centrino 2ghz

    4Gb RAM

    512Mb GF8400M

    This looks like it will be a relaly fun game when it's done


  • Thanks man... I designed those turrets to be a pain in the ass!

  • Cool game.

    The rockets strike without warning, maybe add something which gives you an indication that ones about to fire.

  • Nice! Worked great on my 5/6 year old laptop.

    Love the blood & gib effect.

    Although personally I think the size of the screen took something away from the pixelly graphics.

  • Looks fine, but shouldnt there be an FPS counter or something to indicate what the performance really is? Rather than 'does it look OK'?

    30fps is tolerable for some people for example, but others can't stand anything below V-sync rate (at least 60fps). So everyone's opinion on performance is going to be rather vague!

  • That's true, next build I'll include an FPS counter... There isn't really that much going on that should slow things down except for a bunch of physics objects when you kill an enemy. But you have a good point. That's why I need feedback, this is my first real attempt at putting together a game, so I've got a lot to learn. So thanks, everybody!

  • Having a bit of a problem making an FPS counter, anyone know an easy way to do this? I'd PREFER not to have to have it run in a window to display FPS...

  • Create a global variable called 'FPS'. Every tick, add 1 to this value. Every 1000 milliseconds, set your text to this value, then reset the value to 0.

    This method was on the wiki somewhere, but I can't find it back.

  • Thanks a lot! That worked perfectly!

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  • Actually, maybe not, when I run in windowed mode the counter matches the one in the caption, but in fullscreen mode it sometimes gets as high as 150. Is this right? I can't imagine that it's actually running at 150 FPS, but I guess I could be wrong...

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