My little RPG :)

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    Hi all. My name is Roma i am from Russia for this my English is not very good.I would like you to have tested my little game. Now the game is not completed yet fully. In the development of only the first level. Please write your comments.

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    Small guide:

    Movement: A, D

    Attack: LMB

    Super Attack: RMB

    Ore minning: RMB click on the ore.

    The game is not fully translated into English. Sorry for this.

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  • Nooooo!!! Not the Titanic Theme!!!   <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Overall it looks pretty good. Seeing the Dwarf's breathe was a nice touch, and the snowing effect was done well.

    It's very linear, though. There is literally only one path that you can take and not a single platform to jump on that might lead to a more rare mineral deposit (I like the addition of mining, though).

    As far as combat goes the regular attack should have a bit more "knockback" to it. That is, when you hit the enemy they should be pushed backwards. The super attack, on the other hand, does this quite well.

    Thanks for the demo!

  • Like a tavern? I think titanic theme blends well :D

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