The (literal) Fall of Men

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  • Hey guys! I just finished my game for Gamejolt's competition!

    ...aaaand it's actually the first game I publish on this section!

    Hope you like it!

    Here's a screenshot of the game:

    <img src="">

    Additional infos and download link is here: ... f-men/370/

    Gamejolt's a very promising website, by the way! Some projects in Construct are starting to pop-out!


    • Added some other features to the game!

    Also, I intend to put the .CAP on the Forum, but since I had to run to finish it (I was being very tidy until I realized I had no time), I'll clean it up and comment it before posting

  • hey im in the gamejolt contest to!!!

    with: thunder bunny girl

    i cant finish it in time because a lot of things

    good luck with your game!

  • Nice game concept, and nice use of physics.

    It's kind of relaxing, in a way. I would like to see maybe a "bad ending" where the shuttle takes off and knocks you off of your cloud or something if you fail to destroy it . Not that destroying it is hard, I had to actually try in order to not destroy it...

    Anyway, great job! Congrats on your first game, and good luck with the compo

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  • Hey, thanks for the comment and rating, Deadeye

    Yeah, the primary objective on the game was to destroy the shuttle.

    I dropped the idea because I didn't think I was gonna be able to work on it today, and it would include a "lose" screen. Turns out I was home all day...

    Maybe on another update I'll change it to its first idea!

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