Litenman (DEMO)

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  • In demo version one game level

    Genre: Platformer-Action

    Minimum system requirements:

    Processor: 1.0 GHz or better;

    Memory: 256Mb (XP) or better;

    Video Card: 128Mb or better;

    DirectX 9.0


    LMB - shoot

    D - Right

    A - left

    W - jump

    Home - Menu

    Esc - exit

    ! Game window can be stretched

    Game work in progress...


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  • Nice work. Great menus and sounds. Cool rain effect and explosions. I felt it needs more varied opponents and more options for bullets or powerups. With a few more touches this will be a great game.

  • Cool somebody is using 3D Boxes!

    Some of the stuff I noticed:

    • When I read LMB was used for shooting, I automatically assumed this game had free mouse-controlled aiming. Which obviously it doesn't. So why no key for shooting?
    • Player has no variable jump height (jump sustain), but I want it!!!!
    • Since you're using 3D Boxes some of the things that block your movement actually appear to be in the background. It can be quite distracting.
    • I personally never used 3D Boxes yet, but the collision with the player on top of those buildings seems off.
    • Needs BIGGER robots!!!

    Also, does this have some sort of background story? Your website is in russian or something similar and confused the hell out of me...

  • What he said. All of it. ^

  • Nice work but well a bit simple game and no idea really what im doing but nice use of 3d boxes and its nice that you can stretch window

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