Life Persists [The PERSIST cleaner]

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  • Hey kids, are you tired of having to delete those nasty persist files, find your work cluttered by millions of them?

    Now you can make this arduous task fun by playing Life Persists. The Disguised Persist Cleaner that will make deleting things fun.

    <img src="">

    The box is your health, although the program doesn't delete itself, it will just disable you from killing any more persists in that run, thats bad.


  • Works as advertised, it's kind of fun to actually BLOW UP your persist files rather than just delete them

  • What's so bad about the persist files? Sure, it would have been more convenient to store the data inside the .cap file. But you can also keep your own UI settings when someone else sends you a .cap file. And if you delete them all you lose all your saved UI settings...

  • Saving them should be an option. I don't ever change my UI settings.

    Most of the .persist files I have are from helping people test out their stuff in Help/Tech or chat. They pile up quickly, and I don't need them because I'm only looking at their .cap for a couple of minutes and then forgetting about it.

    And if I need to just pop open a .cap to check something really quick and I'm closing it right away then hey, another .persist file that I have to drag to the trash.

    Anyway if I did need a .persist file then I would like to say "save a .persist file" so that next time I open stuff I will know where I left off, but most of the time I don't care and I actually prefer to open my files on the first layout without having five different tabs open.

    They're a nice idea, don't get me wrong... but they would be so much nicer if I could turn them off.

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  • An option would be nice, in form of tick box in application properties, so that it is on per project basis.

  • An option would be nice, in form of tick box in application properties, so that it is on per project basis.

    Or better yet... a field in App properties where you can name your .persist file so you only need one if you have several backup .caps?

    Eh... but I guess that would be a pain to make in order to cover for errors loading old .caps that don't have the most current event sheets and such. Still, a checkbox would be nice.

  • Checkbox would be nice. Also it is nice being able to delete the .persist file, resetting settings.

    being able to reset settings is a good thing.

  • Heh, this game is awesome!

    You should make the persists name appear above each ship though, that'd be epic.

    Also, dont get rid of persists for now, this is rather entertaining

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